Chain Reaction

Sweet Leaf is helping pioneer the concept of retail chains in the cannabis industry by expanding aggressively through acquisitions by Bart Schaneman The many signs posted at Sweet Leaf’s recreational marijuana store on 26th and Walnut streets in Denver deliver a simple message to employees: “Dominate Today.” The signs are hung behind the scenes, out of sight from customers. They … [Continue]

Hire Learning

How to find – and train – the right budtenders for your dispensary by Omar Sacirbey Danielle Schumacher is the office manager for a prominent Bay Area physician serving a large number of pediatric and geriatric medical marijuana patients. She worries about what happens to … [Continue]

Are LEDs Right for You?

Costs and considerations for growers eyeing light-emitting diode technology by John Schroyer Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, have been slowly making inroads with cannabis growers over the past few years. As indoor cultivation operations have gotten bigger, and as the price of electricity has begun eroding … [Continue]

Going With a Guru

Consultants can help launch your business and save you money, but vet them thoroughly beforehand by Omar Sacirbey Zeina Frayha and Terry Saad, the wife and husband team behind HerbaFi Wellness in Silver Spring, Maryland, were newbies to the marijuana industry but did have business … [Continue]

The Name Game

Edgy, offensive and child-oriented strain names threaten to alienate marijuana customers and the public by Margaret Jackson What’s in a name? A lot, it turns out, especially when it comes to marijuana. As the cannabis industry morphs from an underground “stoner” culture into a mainstream … [Continue]