Cultivation 2.0

Marijuana growers are investing heavily in automation technology to remain competitive and boost efficiency, but pitfalls abound by Omar Sacirbey There’s a war on the horizon for cannabis cultivators. As the marijuana industry matures and evolves, wholesale cannabis prices are plummeting in some markets – especially those that allow dozens or hundreds of cultivation operations. The result: Growers in these … [Continue]

Capitalizing on Downtime

Entrepreneurs can use delays in new marijuana markets to their advantage by Bart Schaneman A delay in the launch of a new marijuana market doesn’t have to cripple your business. Quite the contrary: If you plan accordingly and use the time wisely, it can be … [Continue]

Not So Fast

How to navigate the transition from medical to rec by Joseph Peña lf you own a medical cannabis dispensary and are hoping to enter an emerging recreational market, you might be tempted to make the shift as soon as possible. But here’s a word to … [Continue]

All Systems Down

How to ready your cannabusiness in case of a technology meltdown by Omar Sacirbey It’s good business to keep up with technology and use it to make your medical cannabis dispensary or recreational shop run efficiently. But it’s bad business to rely on it exclusively, … [Continue]

Extracting the Most From Your Plants

Growers targeting the concentrates market should consider everything from strain type and chemistry to extraction methods and terpenes by Omar Sacirbey Recreational and medical cannabis consumers increasingly are turning to concentrates such as waxes, budders and oils, introducing new considerations for cultivators and processors who … [Continue]