The Growing Pesticide Problem

Pesticides might not only kill mildew and mites on scores of cannabis plants in the coming years - they also could destroy countless marijuana businesses and stifle the industry’s growth along the way. Industry professionals are increasingly sounding the alarm over the continuing widespread, largely unregulated use of pesticides in commercial cannabis cultivation, saying that a failure to address the situation … [Continue]

Holy Smokes

Experienced marijuana companies know the importance of courting local allies and community institutions, from chambers of commerce and charity organizations to law enforcement agencies and youth sports leagues. But even veteran cannabis business owners shy away from some very visible community institutions: churches, synagogues … [Continue]

4 Novel Marijuana Marketing Strategies

When football fans tailgating before several Seattle Seahawks games in the past two years looked to the sky, they saw a small plane pulling a large banner with a cannabis company’s logo. When motorists drive the main interstates around the Denver metro area, they’re greeted by … [Continue]

Weathering the Storm

Meghan Walstatter’s hands were sweating. She and her husband Matt had just convened a meeting with employees at their Portland, Oregon, retail marijuana shop, Pure Green. As CEO, she was about to deliver grim news. It was February. Sales had taken a seasonal dip over … [Continue]

Quality Over Quantity

Many expansion-minded companies and entrepreneurs with dollar signs in their eyes believe that bigger is better when it comes to cannabis cultivation, hence the emergence in recent years of large grows focused on producing as much marijuana as possible. But a number of growers are … [Continue]