Election 2016: Cannabis at the Crossroads

Thousands of business opportunities, billions of dollars at stake in November by John Schroyer Tipping point. These words aptly describe where the marijuana industry stands heading into the 2016 general election, when up to 11 states across the country – from California to Florida – could vote on whether to legalize medical or recreational cannabis. This election could quickly and … [Continue]

Cultivation: What lt Takes to Run an All-Natural Grow

by Anthony Franciosi As a marijuana connoisseur from way back, I’ve seen it all—from sneaking tokes in secluded locations to storefronts on Main Street where cannabis is grown. It’s been a bumpy ride, but public sentiment is finally moving in the right direction. Legalization looms … [Continue]

The Big Shift

California could become the industry’s capital again if it legalizes rec this fall by R.W. Navis California was once the unquestioned leader in all things cannabis, but the balance of power shifted when Colorado launched the nation’s first recreational marijuana industry in 2014. Couple that … [Continue]

Readying for Rec

Immediate steps to take if your state legalizes adult-use cannabis by John Schroyer Numerous states with medical cannabis programs could wind up legalizing recreational marijuana this November, giving MMJ business owners in these markets an opportunity to pivot to a completely new customer base. Marijuana … [Continue]

Power Players: Who to Watch This Election

by Marijuana Business Magazine staff They’re a diverse group of movers and shakers. They’re adamantly for – or adamantly against – legalizing marijuana at the state level. And they hail from the world of cannabis advocacy, politics, Silicon Valley, casinos and real estate. Several powerful … [Continue]