Marijuana Business Magazine Cover Stories

The Tipping Point

November’s historic elections will create massive opportunities for entrepreneurs and propel the industry forward, but uncertainty looms by Marijuana Business Magazine staff Oh, what a night! On the evening of Nov. 8, 2016, voters in eight states approved significant marijuana-related ballot measures, ushering in countless … [Continue]

10 Business Takeaways From MJBizCon

Tips & insights for marijuana entrepreneurs from the industry’s largest business conference by Marijuana Business Magazine staff Cannabis business executives offered scores of savvy tips, ideas and insights to entrepreneurs, industry professionals and investors at the annual fall Marijuana Business Conference & Expo, which took … [Continue]

A Look Ahead

Industry as a whole cannot rest on its recent victories by Omar Sacirbey Biggest Issues Facing MJ Businesses in 2017 Marijuana businesses must successfully navigate a slew of challenges in 2017 if the industry is to continue its economic, financial and legalization inroads of 2016. … [Continue]

Vetting Expansion Partners

Successful national expansion often requires hooking up with local partners – and vetting them adequately by John Schroyer Expanding into a new cannabis market isn’t easy for plant-touching marijuana companies. Depending on the state, such expansion might require a local partner in order to comply … [Continue]

Beyond Regulations: 8 Tips for Safeguarding a Cannabis Store

To bolster security, MJ retailers can use everything from motion sensors to ‘mantraps’ and panic buttons by Roger Fillion A rash of armed robberies targeting dispensaries and recreational marijuana shops in several states underscores why business owners must diligently safeguard their employees, products and equipment … [Continue]

Modern Family

The Peckhams are discovering the trials and tribulations of operating a marijuana business in an extremely tough market by Omar Sacirbey Like many cannabis entrepreneurs, Amy Peckham and her daughters decided to get into the medical marijuana business in part for personal reasons. The trio … [Continue]

Testing the Testers

Advice on finding a reputable cannabis lab by John Schroyer Questionable results. A lack of scientific expertise. Pricing that sounds too good to be true. Welcome to the wild world of marijuana testing, where a lack of federal oversight and an absence of industry standards … [Continue]

Extraction Insight: Mastering the Big Balancing Act

Building a successful extraction company involves managing potency, purity and quality by John Schroyer Cannabis extraction is anything but simple. It requires science, creativity and an ability to appeal to customers with high-quality products that deliver more than just a strong hit of THC. It … [Continue]

The 411 on Cannabis Crowdfunding

Emerging financing option ideal for some MJ companies, but patience and due diligence required by Roger Fillion You want to raise money to start or expand your marijuana business, and the idea of reaching out to potential investors through crowdfunding sounds appealing. Crowdfunding allows companies … [Continue]