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Cultivation 2.0

Marijuana growers are investing heavily in automation technology to remain competitive and boost efficiency, but pitfalls abound by Omar Sacirbey There’s a war on the horizon for cannabis cultivators. As the marijuana industry matures and evolves, wholesale cannabis prices are plummeting in some markets – … [Continue]

Capitalizing on Downtime

Entrepreneurs can use delays in new marijuana markets to their advantage by Bart Schaneman A delay in the launch of a new marijuana market doesn’t have to cripple your business. Quite the contrary: If you plan accordingly and use the time wisely, it can be … [Continue]

Not So Fast

How to navigate the transition from medical to rec by Joseph Peña lf you own a medical cannabis dispensary and are hoping to enter an emerging recreational market, you might be tempted to make the shift as soon as possible. But here’s a word to … [Continue]

Extracting the Most From Your Plants

Growers targeting the concentrates market should consider everything from strain type and chemistry to extraction methods and terpenes by Omar Sacirbey Recreational and medical cannabis consumers increasingly are turning to concentrates such as waxes, budders and oils, introducing new considerations for cultivators and processors who … [Continue]

Insights From a Cannabis Investment Heavyweight

Five Questions With Privateer Holdings CEO Brendan Kennedy by Bart Schaneman Brendan Kennedy knows the ins and outs of marijuana investment. The CEO of Seattle-based Privateer Holdings holds the reins of an influential private equity firm that recently raised $122 million to invest in marijuana … [Continue]

The Great Glut

How growers, retailers can adapt when too much cannabis hits the market by John Schroyer The laws of supply and demand are a cornerstone of economics. When supply exceeds demand for a product – be it tulip bulbs or crude oil – the price for … [Continue]

What’s Happening

National and State News Developments by Roger Fillion National Whether they know it or not, America’s four largest banks have held accounts for marijuana businesses, in contrast to public pronouncements that they avoid the cannabis industry. An analysis by RB Monitor, a Chicago firm that … [Continue]

Empire Builders

How a prominent infused products company has cemented partnerships with other businesses to fuel its national expansion by Omar Sacirbey The founders of Dixie Brands compare their business to one of the largest consumer products companies in the world, a behemoth that has developed a … [Continue]

No Room for Error

Experts give their tips and advice for how to perfect the fractional distillation process by Bart Schaneman Fractional distillation is more science than art, and there’s no room for mistakes. If done right, it can produce the purest, most potent THC product available. We’re talking … [Continue]

Tapping the Tourist Market

Rec stores can use various strategies to lure vacationers, business travelers and cannatourists by Omar Sacirbey Recreational marijuana retailers looking to pump up their sales should take a close look at their approach to luring tourists, one of the most lucrative segments of the adult-use … [Continue]