Business Profiles

Fire Drill

How to protect your extraction business from harmful blazes, explosions by Omar Sacirbey Operating any type of cannabis business is difficult, given heavy state regulations on the industry, lingering stigmas and the illegality of the plant at the federal level. Extraction companies face two added … [Continue]

Navigating a Tough Market

A New Jersey dispensary owner relies on educational outreach and personalized service to stay afloat by Margaret Jackson Julio Valentin opened New Jersey’s first medical marijuana dispensary in December 2012, striking out on a difficult journey that required creative thinking, patience and persistence. New Jersey’s … [Continue]

Industry Snapshot: Data Companies

Data, trends and challenges by John Schroyer “Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.” That adage – linked to a deceased business professor from New York’s Baruch College – could serve as the catchphrase for a specialized … [Continue]

Growing in the Great Outdoors

Low-tech Alaska grower relying on meticulous planning, a lesser-known strain to cultivate cannabis in a tough climate by Omar Sacirbey In an era of indoor cultivation and automation, outdoor-grown cannabis for commercial sale is a rarity. It’s understandable, given that plants grown outdoors can be … [Continue]

All Systems Down

How to ready your cannabusiness in case of a technology meltdown by Omar Sacirbey It’s good business to keep up with technology and use it to make your medical cannabis dispensary or recreational shop run efficiently. But it’s bad business to rely on it exclusively, … [Continue]

Sourcing Ingredients

Start with good suppliers and be sure your ingredients are readily available for the day you ramp up production by Bart Schaneman Finding high-quality, reliable suppliers is crucial when it comes to sourcing ingredients for marijuana-infused edibles, drinks and other products. So says Andy Brassington, … [Continue]

Industry Snapshot: Banking-Related Services

Data, trends and challenges by John Schroyer Perhaps the biggest logistical obstacle facing many cannabis businesses today is the reluctance of most financial institutions to serve the industry. Because of marijuana’s status as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, banks and credit unions remain vulnerable, at … [Continue]

Going Global

Gavita International shares tips on how to expand an ancillary company’s footprint abroad by Joseph Peña With medical and even recreational markets cropping up across the world, an increasing number of ancillary cannabis businesses – from consulting firms to software providers and greenhouse companies – … [Continue]

Trimming Tips: Taking lt Slow

A seasoned grower relies on hand-trimming, time and quality control to produce a better crop by Bart Schaneman When it comes to trimming marijuana plants, Mark Bruno doesn’t cut corners. The co-founder and chief operating officer of the licensed cultivation company Tahoe Hydroponics in Carson … [Continue]

Doing Well by Doing Good

Head of California cannabis oil and vape pen company shares tips for building a successful corporate giving campaign by Joseph Peña Michael Ray is convinced it makes good business sense to give back to society. “Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of capitalism moving … [Continue]