Business Profiles

Diminishing the Drip

Cultivators can lower their water use and related costs by focusing on everything from automation to wells and hand watering by Omar Sacirbey The $550 that Giving Tree Wellness in Phoenix pays on average for water each month may seem like a drop in the … [Continue]

Staying Ahead of the Game

Washington DC grower solves problems preemptively, develops creative solutions to challenges by Omar Sacirbey Veteran marijuana grower Corey Barnette aims to nip problems in the bud before they mushroom. He also prefers doing things in-house when necessary. That can mean creating his own strains or … [Continue]

Brand Transformation

Insiders at Harborside share tips for updating a cannabis company’s look and messaging by Joseph Peña Over the past decade, the California-based medical marijuana dispensary Harborside developed one of the most iconic brands in the cannabis industry. Then in 2016, the company decided to undergo … [Continue]

Industry snapshot: Accounting Services for Marijuana Businesses

Data, trends and challenges by John Schroyer Most companies don’t like filing tax returns, especially those in the cannabis industry. Marijuana retailers in particular face huge tax burdens because they can’t take the types of standard deductions mainstream businesses can claim. That’s where certified public … [Continue]

Profiting From Perseverance

Maine dispensary chain’s focus on persistence, flexibility and reinvention pays off by Bart Schaneman Patricia Rosi-Santucci’s guiding principle for the last five years has been perseverance. “Never give up,” said Rosi-Santucci, the chief executive officer of Wellness Connection of Maine, a vertically integrated medical marijuana … [Continue]

Jump-Start Your Startup: 5 Ways to Attract Investors

MyDx chief Daniel Yazbeck, whose company has landed $7M+ in investments, shares tips for attracting big money by Joseph Peña MyDx was a true startup when founder and CEO Daniel Yazbeck began assembling his team. He seeded the first year with $200,000 of his own … [Continue]

Sweet Success

Honu Inc.’s co-owners share their advice on creating award-winning edibles by Joseph Peña Honu Inc. notes that its edibles aren’t your granny’s cookies – unless your granny’s secret ingredient is premium cannabis extract. The Longview, Washington State-based firm’s line of edibles more closely resembles the … [Continue]

Redefining ‘Short Cuts’

New Mexico grower opts for smaller, fatter plants over taller, thinner ones by Omar Sacirbey Brian Leddy has an eye for detail. When not tending cannabis plants at Red Barn Growers in Gallup, New Mexico, Leddy is out in the field serving as a professional … [Continue]

Figuring Out What Women Want

Jeanine Moss dreamed up and researched the idea of “affordable luxury” accessories for chic cannabis-smoking women, created a brand, designed products, manufactured them – in China, no less – and supported a sales and marketing operation. All within 18 months. [Continue]