The New Normal

What cannabis businesses must do to prepare for greater scrutiny from the federal government

By Omar Sacirbey

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions ripped up the Cole Memo and gave U.S. attorneys greater leeway to prosecute marijuana businesses, many industry executives and experts wondered whether the days of the federal government leaving legal cannabis alone were over.

Sessions’ decision, disclosed in a Jan. 4…


Good Neighbor Policy

To woo wary neighbors, marijuana businesses need to do early public outreach and act like good corporate citizens By John Rebchook A little neighborly outreach and goodwill can go a long way in the marijuana industry. That approach can save you time and money – … [Continue]

Honing Your Trimming Skills

Two cultivation gurus share tips on how to give your plants a first-class trim job By Omar Sacirbey Despite the availability of large machine trimmers, many growers prefer to trim their cannabis by hand, using pruners, shears or scissors. Hand trimming – which most growers … [Continue]

Beating the Black Market

Experts in states with MMJ and adult-use sales share strategies for wooing consumers away from illicit products By Joseph Peña Whether you’re operating in a newly medical or adult-use marijuana market, illicit cannabis sales are an ever-present threat to the legal industry. While you can’t … [Continue]

The Lowdown on Low-Dose Edibles

Microdose infused products grow in popularity as manufacturers cater to consumers looking for a smaller hit of THC By Joseph Peña Not every marijuana user wants to get stoned. Cannabis-infused product manufacturers are accustomed to hearing stories of consumers who concoct their own workaround to … [Continue]