Tapping into Terpenes

MJ businesses can harness plant-based flavor and aroma compounds to expand product opportunities, generate revenue

By Bart Schaneman

Cannabis companies that want to go beyond THC and CBD content can focus on a part of the plant that’s increasingly front-of-mind for consumers: terpenes. These plant-based chemicals can set your marijuana products apart from rivals – and bolster your bottom line.


Understanding the ‘Entourage Effect’

Many marijuana and terpene enthusiasts believe the unique effects of individual plants are the result of THC working in concert with other cannabinoids and terpenes. Proponents of this phenomenon call it the “entourage effect.” [Continue]

Cashing in on the Terpene Trend

Cannabis companies hoping to capitalize on consumer interest in terpenes need to consider a host of factors – the product they want to offer, the type of terpenes they plan to use (cannabis versus botanical) and the effect the product will deliver to consumers. Consumers … [Continue]

Terpene Cultivation Tips

When it comes to growing cannabis for maximum terpene yields, selecting the proper strain with the terpene profile and effects you’re looking for is an important first step. [Continue]

Easy Does It

It’s one thing to add botanically derived terpenes to your vape cartridges or infused products, but to extract highly volatile terpenes from cannabis requires a deft hand and attention to detail. [Continue]