Extraction Smackdown

Weighing the pros and cons of CO2, hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction methods

By Bart Schaneman

Take your pick: CO2 … hydrocarbon … or ethanol?

Determining which extraction method is best for your cannabis company comes down to what you hope to accomplish. Do you want to produce full-spectrum cannabis oil? Is safety your primary concern? Do you need to process a large amount of marijuana flower…


Employee Safety

The most frequently told story of cannabis extraction gone wrong involves an unregulated, home-based facility and a large explosion. Usually the main victim in this story is using butane or propane as the solvent. Licensed operators, however, aren’t immune from such risks. In fact, highly … [Continue]

Getting a Grip on Efficiency

When it comes to the most efficient method of cannabis extraction, if you want to create a high-quality distillate, ethanol extraction is hard to beat. It’s great for processing a lot of marijuana to extract a single cannabinoid, like THC or CBD. The process requires … [Continue]

Product Quality

Deciding which extraction method results in the highest product quality probably requires the most qualifying statements to come up with a clear winner. Each type of extraction has benefits and drawbacks when it comes to the end result. “Not all extractions are the end-all, be-all … [Continue]

Cost of Production and Equipment

Carbon dioxide is the most expensive extraction method, industry executives agreed. The technology has the steepest price tag compared to hydrocarbon and ethanol units. Hydrocarbon systems, by comparison, are the cheapest. Albert Gutierrez, CEO of Med-Pharm in Denver, can attest to the steep price tag … [Continue]