Going Global

The international cannabis market offers multibillion-dollar opportunities for North American MJ businesses

North American cannabis entrepreneurs who think it’s too early to be looking at international opportunities should think again. The plane is boarding.

In Canada, several federally licensed cultivation companies – ranging from Canopy Growth and Tilray to Aurora Cannabis and Cronos Group – already are exporting cannabis or signing production deals in Europe,…


Tapping the Booze Business

Hemp, CBD and extraction companies can crack the infused alcoholic beverage market but must navigate a regulatory thicket By Vicky Uhland When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, small, local brewers and distillers were the first to get back into the alcohol business. Many either grew … [Continue]

In Search of the Perfect Cure

Two veteran growers explain why you can cure newly harvested marijuana in a matter of days, not weeks or months By Omar Sacirbey In an ideal world, cultivators would have the luxury of time when it comes to drying and curing their cannabis. They’d take … [Continue]

Passing the Baton

How cannabis CEOs who founded companies can tell when it’s time to call it quits and appoint a successor By Margaret Jackson When is a good time to give up the responsibilities of the corner office? It’s a question that confronts a growing number of … [Continue]

Investing & Finance Insight: Brendan Kennedy

Q&A with the CEO of Privateer Holdings Global conquest was the original aim eight years ago, when Brendan Kennedy and his partners founded Privateer Holdings, a marijuana-focused private equity firm that today has interests on five continents. “The international opportunity has been part of our … [Continue]