Northern Explorers

U.S. businesses eyeing Canada’s upcoming rec market will find immense opportunities – and many potential pitfalls by Omar Sacirbey Forget California and other states that legalized recreational marijuana last year. Instead, look north. Some U.S. cannabis businesses, entrepreneurs and investors see greener opportunities in Canada, where a massive new marijuana market is poised to materialize. If everything goes according to … [Continue]

10 Business Takeaways From MJBizCon

Tips & insights for marijuana entrepreneurs from the DC spring conference by Marijuana Business Magazine staff What are the best sectors for investing in the cannabis industry? What’s the best way to operate a small grow room? What should you ask yourself before launching an … [Continue]

When Less Is More

With more cannabis products on the market than ever, retailers must avoid overwhelming consumers by Omar Sacirbey Consumers shopping for items like toothpaste or cereal can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices on a grocery shelf. The result: A frustrated shopper moves on … [Continue]

Risky Business

Rigorous employee training is essential for extraction companies working with C02, butane by Bart Schaneman Butane and CO2 cannabis extraction equipment come with built-in hazards. Butane can easily catch on fire or explode. CO2 machines operate at high pressures, and inhaling the gas can kill … [Continue]

Canada’s Cannabis Industry Landscape

Five Questions with Anne McLellan, chair of the Canadian Government’s Marijuana Legalization Task Force Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau picked lawyer and politician Anne McLellan in June 2016 to head a task force to issue recommendations for legalizing recreational cannabis. Many cannabis advocates and industry … [Continue]