Secrets of the Pros: 24 Cannabis Cultivation Tips

From HVAC and harvesting to pruning and pest control, six expert growers share their advice by Omar Sacirbey Life isn’t easy for marijuana growers these days. Cannabis cultivation is becoming ruthlessly competitive in some markets, while falling wholesale prices and an increased focus by regulators on pesticide use are creating new challenges and long-term concerns. And then, of course, there … [Continue]

Limited Options

Given the small number of equipment manufacturers, hemp farmers must jury-rig their own solutions or pony up for pricey harvesting gear by Margaret Jackson More than 30 states allow hemp cultivation under provisions spelled out in the federal 2014 Farm Bill. But farmers are struggling … [Continue]

An International View of Marijuana

Five Questions with Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico by John Schroyer Vicente Fox served as commander-in-chief of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, but now the 74-year-old ex-president is spending some of his golden years stumping on the international stage for marijuana legalization in both … [Continue]

Get Benched!

A look at how cannabis growers can use automated rolling benches to lower costs, maximize space by Omar Sacirbey “Benches” usually don’t come to mind when one thinks of cannabis cultivation. But while they have been increasing efficiency, maximizing space and reducing labor costs in … [Continue]

Need for Speed

A look at how infused product companies are betting big on fast-acting edibles by Bart Schaneman Drivers of performance cars and consumers of marijuana edibles have one thing in common: They’re both focused on speed. At least that’s what several edibles manufacturers are betting on … [Continue]