Cover Story: Raising Capital

Raising money in the U.S. cannabis industry today is far different than it was one year ago—and unrecognizable from three or four years ago, when the United States had barely 20 medical marijuana markets, and Colorado and Washington were the only states selling recreational cannabis.

Back then, little capital was available to cannabis companies, and the investors were outliers on the risk-tolerance chart.

“The risk…


Cover Story: Crowdfunding 101

Upstart and small marijuana businesses needing a financial shot in the arm may want to consider crowdfunding—raising capital through a significantly larger pool of investors who wager relatively small amounts of money. Investors might be family, friends, members of the local community or complete strangers. … [Continue]

Cover Story: Landing a Bank Account

Getting a bank account remains one of the most difficult challenges of running a marijuana business, despite greater public, political and legal acceptance of cannabis. While banking pickings are slim—roughly 630 banks and credit unions were serving U.S. marijuana-related companies as of March 31, according … [Continue]

Cover Story: From Wall Street to Green Street

A growing number of marijuana companies are filling their C-suites with financial professionals—analysts, bankers, money managers, investors and others—who previously worked at top investment banks. These professionals bring with them high-value experience analyzing companies, negotiating deals and navigating the necessary steps to raise capital. What … [Continue]

Cover Story: The Canada Option

U.S. cannabis companies needing to raise a large pot of capital can’t list on the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq. Both exchanges continue to bar U.S. plant-touching companies. Blame it on the federal government’s ban on marijuana. The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), however, … [Continue]