10 Killer Technologies

Marijuana is largely thought of as an agricultural industry serving medical and recreational consumers. But that image belies the technological advances that are revolutionizing every sector of cannabis.

In this issue, we look at “10 Killer Technologies” in the marijuana space. Not the “10 Best Technologies,” but engineering feats that represent the spirit of innovation, high-level science and entrepreneurship sweeping through today’s marijuana industry. Many…


Shark Bait

Modern-day loan sharks are circling the cannabis industry. Predatory lending—a practice that gained special notoriety during the Great Recession—can cripple or sink a cannabis business owner who is launching or expanding a company. Predatory loans typically involve a lender who relies on unfair or misleading … [Continue]

Generation Gap

Millennials might be a cannabis company’s bread and butter. But middle-aged and older adults are increasingly turning to marijuana for medical or recreational use—and that underscores the need for cannabis businesses ranging from retailers to makers of infused products and concentrates to develop generation-specific marketing, … [Continue]

How to Keep Top-Tier Budtenders

It can be difficult for marijuana retailers to keep their top-performing budtenders, but the payoff for investing in retention is well worth it. “When you have really engaged, high-performing budtenders who are passionate about what you do and who are passionate about working for your … [Continue]

Canada Gets Clinical

Canada’s strict branding and packaging regulations have posed a unique challenge for cannabis companies trying to make their recreational products stand out on store shelves. The regulations limit what messages companies can deliver to consumers, given that MJ businesses must use generic, clinical packaging. Health … [Continue]