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Recession Road Map

Welcome to the modern-day marijuana industry’s first recession. Will the legal industry prove resilient, as alcohol has? Perhaps. But this downturn is unlike any other.

The National Bureau of Economic Research pegged the start of the recession in February, triggered by the lockdowns and massive economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, the national economy has lost more than 40 million jobs. The…


Getting in Fighting Shape

Recessions are a time for cost control, but they can also herald opportunity—especially if your industry proves as resilient as cannabis appears to be in the current downturn. Deciding where to cut costs and/or where to invest in times of economic uncertainty requires research and … [Continue]

Lessons from Recessions Past

When the Great Recession hit in late 2007, the marijuana industry showed little resemblance to what it is today, with only a few cannabis businesses operating now that were open then. Today, thousands of growers, retailers, manufacturers and ancillary companies operate across more than 30 … [Continue]

Keeping a Lid on Labor Costs

Labor is one of the biggest expenses in any cannabis business. Cannabis companies are hunting for ways to tighten their belts during the economic downturn, and executives are looking at personnel as one area where savings can be found. Businesses wanting to save money on … [Continue]

Raising Money in A Recession

When Marijuana Business Magazine spoke with Artemis Holdings Group founder Sheri Orlowitz a year ago (see “Raising Capital” in the July 2019 issue), a range of investors was keenly interested in the cannabis industry. Then came the double-whammy of the vaping crisis and the coronavirus-fueled … [Continue]