Empire Builders

How a prominent infused products company has cemented partnerships with other businesses to fuel its national expansion by Omar Sacirbey The founders of Dixie Brands compare their business to one of the largest consumer products companies in the world, a behemoth that has developed a deep bench of powerhouse brands that are popular across the globe. “Think of us as … [Continue]

No Room for Error

Experts give their tips and advice for how to perfect the fractional distillation process by Bart Schaneman Fractional distillation is more science than art, and there’s no room for mistakes. If done right, it can produce the purest, most potent THC product available. We’re talking … [Continue]

Tapping the Tourist Market

Rec stores can use various strategies to lure vacationers, business travelers and cannatourists by Omar Sacirbey Recreational marijuana retailers looking to pump up their sales should take a close look at their approach to luring tourists, one of the most lucrative segments of the adult-use … [Continue]

A Little Help From Your Friends

Six tips when tapping friends and family to help finance your cannabis company by John Rebchook Fresh out of business school in 1962, Phil Knight hit up his father for a $50 loan to launch what would become one of the planet’s most iconic brands: … [Continue]

Know Your Nutrients

How to take your crop quality and yield to the next level by Omar Sacirbey For cannabis cultivators seeking to distinguish their product in an increasingly saturated market, advanced nutrients can make the difference. “It’s not hard to produce B+, A cannabis, but the nutrients … [Continue]