Wellness products take off in the growing recreational cannabis market

Is the U.S. medical marijuana industry doomed?

Amid news reports suggesting that MMJ markets are plateauing or shrinking in some states—particularly those that have approved the recreational use of marijuana, it’s reasonable to believe cannabis executives are bailing out of medical and plowing resources into adult-use products.

Not so.

Many cannabis companies are doubling down on their MMJ bets. They don’t see an ever-shrinking medical…


The Battle is Set: Man-made vs. Natural Cannabinoids

Of all the forces that will shape the future of medical marijuana, the rise of biosynthetic cannabinoids stands to be among the most disruptive—one that could pose a major competitive threat to medicine derived from the cannabis plant. But the extent and timing of that … [Continue]

Are the Feds Changing Their Tune Toward Cannabis?

There are growing signs the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and federal authorities could be changing their attitudes and policies toward cannabis, potentially paving the way for more studies and additional opportunities for partnerships. Those signs include: Passage of the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing … [Continue]