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How to Compete With the Illicit Market

The illicit marijuana market is among the biggest and most complex challenges facing legal cannabis businesses—one that takes revenue from licensed companies and hampers the growth of state-legal MJ programs nationwide.

Cannabis industry advocates continue to argue that legalization would eliminate the illicit market because consumers would prefer to buy marijuana legally instead of from underground suppliers. But that theory hasn’t panned out—even in states…


Alternative Enforcement Measures

While other industries with illicit-market issues can call on law enforcement to punish perpetrators by closing them down, fining them and even jailing them, that doesn’t work quite so well in cannabis. Why? Advocates of marijuana legalization campaigned partly on the promise that state-legal cannabis … [Continue]

Will Federal Legalization Smoke Out the Illicit Market?

As long as some states prohibit cannabis, there will always be an illicit market for marijuana. “Until it’s legal everywhere, we’re never going to really end the illicit market,” said Kris Krane, president of multistate vertically integrated cannabis company 4Front Ventures, which is based in … [Continue]

The Most Confounding Competitor

Checklist for Taking on the Illicit Market Target new cannabis consumers Provide good customer service and education Offer a wide selection of safe products that are readily available Deploy smart advertising Be a good corporate citizen Offer competitive pricing The illicit marijuana market is a … [Continue]

Using Packaging to Stop Fakes

Chinese manufacturers have been knocking off high-end products for years—think Louis Vuitton bags, Air Jordan sneakers and Rolex watches. Now, they’ve gone one step further: making counterfeit cannabis packaging that’s helping to bolster the illicit market. Often, the counterfeit packaging looks so much like the … [Continue]