Marijuana Business Magazine January 2017 - page 78

Recon Man
Be it a military force or a marijuana
company, conquest takes reconnaissance.
And for that task, Kaya Holdings – one
of the few U.S. plant-touching com-
panies that trades publicly – has hired
Boca Rotan, Florida, attorney
Headquartered in Florida, Kaya
Holdings operates two stores in Oregon
and plans to open two more in the state
in 2017.The company wants to expand
and is primarily looking at California,
Arizona and Florida, but it also has
“feelers” in Pennsylvania, said CEO
Craig Frank. Kaya Holdings is inter-
ested in cultivation, processing and retail
operations in those states.
by Omar Sacirbey
California Calling
Another expansion-driven appoint-
ment comes from the Denver Consulting
Group, which has opened a new division
focused exclusively on the California mar-
ijuana sector.The division will be led
by Denver Consulting Group’s co-founder
and lead consultant,
“We not only have to contend with
federal and state laws, but many cities
in California are developing their own
set of regulations for cannabis-related
businesses,” Gamet said.
Canadian Grow Taps
Dispensary Veteran
Aurora Cannabis, a federally
licensed medical cannabis cultivator
A look at some recent hiring moves in the
marijuana industry
The company is hopeful that Kotler
will be especially useful in tapping
the new medical marijuana market in
Florida, where he has been a longtime
cannabis activist and has represented
MJ-related business organizations.
“The appointment is to guide and
assist us in our analyses of where to
begin the expansion, which states are
more inviting to us than others,” Frank
said. “He’ll provide the analyses of the
regulations that we would be required
to operate under, and whether or not
those regulations present an impedi-
ment to success.”
Kotler also will be tasked with over-
seeing licensing and compliance issues
and helping with acquisitions.
• Marijuana Business Magazine • January 2017
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