Marijuana Business Magazine - April 2017 - page 4

Through our Cultivation Max services, Medicine Man Technologies
optimizes your existing cultivation facility to improve: yield,
consistency, quality, and efficiency in order to maximize it’s full
potential. Through our proprietary cultivation methodology, facility
and room design, plant and nutrient management we are able to
significantly improve existing performance. Our team understands
the uniqueness of existing facilities and will customize our approach
to Cultivation Max to ensure mutually beneficial results.
We have experience in operating both medical and adult use
dispensaries, having operated award-winning dispensaries in
Colorado since 2010. Our goal is to help you design, build and
operate a state-of-the-art dispensary that ensures patient, product,
and public safety. Through our licensing services we provide
standard operating procedures, job descriptions, hands on training,
community impact support, and the ability to deploy our experts to
your facility once operational.
We provide design guidance to help your team of local architects,
engineers, and contractors efficiently design, build, and deploy
industry-leading cultivation, processing, and dispensary facilities. We
have experience with indoor grows, greenhouse grows, hybrid facilities
and both medical and adult use dispensaries. Our seventh generation
cultivation technology is driving unprecedented productivity per light and
per square foot within our facilities.
Medicine Man Technologies is a cannabis consultancy and brand
warehouse which licenses turn-key cultivation and dispensary
operating solutions. We help groups secure operating licenses and
have supported competitive state applications in Colorado, California,
Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, and Puerto
Rico. We also offer guidance with pro forma development, real estate
sufficiency, standard operating procedures, and training services.
OTC Markets, Symbol: MDCL • (303) 371-0387
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