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Who’s Behind This Magazine?
President & Publisher George Jage
CEO & Co-founder Cassandra Farrington
Editorial Director Chris Walsh
Senior Editors Roger Fillion
Kevin Huhn
Staff Writers Omar Sacirbey
John Schroyer
Bart Schaneman
Data and Charts Eli McVey
Contributors Margaret Jackson, Joseph Peña,
Matthew Staver
Sales Mary Pemberton
Molly Ford
Angela Toney
Brooke Moore
Marketing Christopher Day,
Kendra Branch-Brett
Technology Jeff Farrington
Laura Femino
Graphic Design Brian Gilbert
Subscriber Services Lisa Burstein
Customer Service
401.354.7555 ext. 1
Anne Holland
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Marijuana Business
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Marijuana Business Magazine, Volume 4, lssue 4, April 2017
lSSN 2376-7375 (print); lSSN 2376-7391 (online)
Marijuana Business Magazine is currently published ten times per
year by
Marijuana Business Daily™
, a division of Anne Holland
Ventures Inc.
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Marijuana Business Daily, 2750 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Suite D200,
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Marijuana Business Daily
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Holland Ventures lnc. All rights reserved. Materials may not be
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Our 5
Unbiased in ormation
without paid in luence
delivers the highest
value to all
Serving the industry’s
rapidly changing
needs requires
listening and
Sound business
decisions are driven by
reliable news, data
and insights.
Pro essionalism
acceptance hinges on
elevating the
industry’s business
Connecting the
entirety o the
cannabis community is
the oundation o the
industry’s success.
Founded in early 2011,
Marijuana Business Daily
™ ocuses solely
on cannabis businesses and the investors who back them.
I you are leading or inancing a cannabis-related company, we
help you prosper via trusted in ormation services and
exceptional events.
Our publications have the highest business readership in the
industry. Our events are sellouts, year aer year aer year.
And, we’ve been cited everywhere rom
Harvard Business
and the
Wall Street Journal
Forbes, Fortune
Fast Company
Do you need practical in ormation, real-li e data or industry
connections to help your business grow? You’ll ind what you
need in one o our publications or at our national events.
We are here to help the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry
prosper. Let us know how we can serve you.
A division of Anne Holland Ventures Inc.
Marijuana Business Daily Headquarters 2750 S. Wadsworth Blvd. Suite D200, Denver, CO 80227
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