Marijuana Business Magazine - April 2017 - page 7

Druk Engineering
Your Supercritical CO
• Chula Vista, California
Introducing the Newest CO
System from Druk Engineering
• Full extraction in 30 minutes or less per pound
• Fully automated for unattended operation
• 2 Easy-Load Extractors - 25 liter
3000 psig, subcritical or supercritical CO
• Extractors and separators can run together or separately
• Vapor and liquid pumps for higher flow and higher yields
• 2 Separators
• All Vessels are ASME code stamped
Druk also sells used CO
extraction equipment, and services any
manufacturer's pumps, chillers or other support equipment.
We offer service contracts, and same-day telephone support.
We can consult to help you increase throughput, design your lab,
and develop standard operating procedures for your entire process.
Visit us at
Cannacon Santa Rosa
April 20 - 22, 2017 | Meet us at
Booth 339
No matter your needs, our engineers and consultants will help you fill
them quickly, expertly, and permanently.
We know that your operations are time-sensitive, which is why clear, quick
communication is our standard. With expertise and decades of experience
in the industry, you can trust that you are in good hands with Druk.
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