Dust Settles on Vape Crisis

Just a few months ago, the marijuana industry was barreling out of the 2010s flush with cash, confidence and immense growth potential, thanks in part to sales of cannabis vape products. But a sudden outbreak of illnesses tied to vape products containing THC upended the industry’s momentum in the second half of 2019.

The crisis—involving more than 2,600 hospitalizations and dozens of deaths—forced industry executives…


Finding an Acceptable Additive

Thanks to the alarm bells raised about the use of vitamin E acetate as a cutting agent in some THC vaping products, the list of additives that an extraction company might put in its vape oil has been slashed. But extraction executives still have important … [Continue]

Smart Solutions

To reassure hesitant consumers, cannabis vaporizer companies are turning to technology to combat knockoffs and provide detailed information about their products, including test results and ingredients. The new technologies: Cartridges encrypted with microchips to fight counterfeit vapes. QR codes that can be used with smartphones … [Continue]

Vape Hardware in the Spotlight

Even before federal health officials singled out the additive vitamin E acetate for the rash of vaping illnesses sweeping the country, cannabis companies scrambled to investigate whether vape cartridges, batteries and other components were to blame. Thus far, vaping hardware hasn’t been formally linked to … [Continue]

Six Strategies for Surviving the Next Crisis

The vaping crisis was the first national health emergency to hit the cannabis industry, but odds are, it won’t be the last. Cannabis vaporizer and extraction executives who weathered the vaping crisis learned valuable lessons about how to react and what businesses should consider in … [Continue]