Marijuana Business Magazine Cover Stories

Hemp Quake

For an idea of how federal prohibition skews a labor market, look no further than the boom-boom hemp industry. The end of prohibition caused seismic shifts to a labor landscape with aftershocks that continue to unsettle the industry more than a year later—and offer new … [Continue]

Which Jobs Are Hot-and Which Are Not?

Cannabis industry executives with an eye to filling positions in their companies would no doubt love to have a crystal ball trained on the labor market. While staring into the ball, industry executives will want to know: Which cannabis industry skill sets will be most … [Continue]

Best of Both Worlds

Executives from Kellogg’s, Molson Coors, Nike, Pfizer, Whole Foods Market, Wrigley and a slew of other companies with household names have migrated to jobs in marijuana, a trend likely to continue as cannabis legalization spreads and the stigma of MJ declines. While it might be … [Continue]

Branding When You Specialize

Branding a cannabis business that specializes in a stop along the supply chain—cultivation, product manufacturing or retailing, for example—is a different challenge than branding a vertically integrated marijuana company. For one thing, many specialist businesses are small and might not have the marketing budgets and … [Continue]

What’s in a Name?

As the cannabis industry matures, many businesses are trying to project a more sophisticated image. Rebranding is one way companies can present a more professional impression. The decision to rebrand via a name change is often the result of an initial public offering, as in … [Continue]

Brand Aid

Branding is key to separating your cannabis company from the competition. But is it important enough to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an outside branding agency? As with most business decisions, the first consideration should be your budget—and many cannabis companies are bootstrapped … [Continue]

The A-List

Carlos Santana, Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Whoopi Goldberg. These are just a handful of celebrities who have lent their names to—and, in some cases, invested in—cannabis companies looking to promote their brands. But working with a celebrity pays off for a brand only if … [Continue]