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Craft Cannabis: Strength in Numbers

Craft growers should consider joining a co-op or similar entity or partnering with other marijuana businesses to bring costs down by buying supplies and equipment in bulk and offering members centralized back-end solutions such as processing and packaging. “Co-ops are really important,” said Adam Smith, … [Continue]

Craft Cannabis: Small-Batch Business

In a marijuana industry landscape increasingly dominated by big companies, there remains a place for small, craft cannabis producers selling high-end products ranging from flower to edibles. In fact, if the industry evolves under the right conditions, small marijuana business advocates say, craft will be … [Continue]

Craft Cannabis: Infusing Methods

As marijuana cultivators work to define “craft cannabis,” makers of infused products are trying to do the same—and explain to consumers why (in some cases) they should be willing to pay more for such items. What defines cannabis-infused craft products depends on whom you ask. … [Continue]

Craft Cannabis: The Art of Cultivating

Nearly every marijuana cultivator wants to call its cannabis craft. Whether the plant is grown indoors or outside, with a hydroponic irrigation system or a watering can, under the sun or high-tech LED lights, few growers want their flower to be considered corporate cannabis. A … [Continue]

Craft Cannabis: It Doesn’t Have to Mean Overpriced

When consumers hear the words “craft cannabis,” they might assume it’s unaffordable or overpriced. Ron Throgmartin, the chief executive officer of Diego Pellicer Worldwide, wants to bust that myth. When Diego Pellicer, a cannabis retailer with stores in Washington state and Colorado, was founded in … [Continue]

Craft Cannabis: Regulations & Access

Marketing inexperience and advertising restrictions make it unusually challenging for craft farmers to market their brands effectively. For example, even farmers who use organic growing methods can’t make that claim on their packaging because federal prohibition prevents cannabis growers from obtaining organic certification from the … [Continue]

Craft Cannabis: The Role of Scale

While “craft cannabis” remains an undefined marketing term, experts from other agricultural industries have attempted to include scale as part of their definition of craft production. In some cases, the nexus of scale of production, independent ownership and economic impact are included in this definition: … [Continue]

Cover Story: Raising Capital

Raising money in the U.S. cannabis industry today is far different than it was one year ago—and unrecognizable from three or four years ago, when the United States had barely 20 medical marijuana markets, and Colorado and Washington were the only states selling recreational cannabis. … [Continue]

Cover Story: Crowdfunding 101

Upstart and small marijuana businesses needing a financial shot in the arm may want to consider crowdfunding—raising capital through a significantly larger pool of investors who wager relatively small amounts of money. Investors might be family, friends, members of the local community or complete strangers. … [Continue]

Cover Story: Landing a Bank Account

Getting a bank account remains one of the most difficult challenges of running a marijuana business, despite greater public, political and legal acceptance of cannabis. While banking pickings are slim—roughly 630 banks and credit unions were serving U.S. marijuana-related companies as of March 31, according … [Continue]