Marijuana Business Magazine Cover Stories

Marijuana companies are partnering with mainstream businesses

Mainstream businesses are heading to the proverbial dance floor with cannabis companies as their partners. Unfathomable just a few years ago, these one-time strangers of the business world are teaming up to produce and distribute merchandise that includes infused nonalcoholic beverages, CBD gummies intended to … [Continue]

Vireo Health teams with Ligand on cannabis delivery methods

As an emergency room physician and the founding CEO of Vireo Health, a multistate marijuana company based in Minnesota, Kyle Kingsley had thought extensively about how cannabinoids could replace opioids for pain relief. So, in 2015, when Vireo’s then-chief technology officer told Kingsley that he … [Continue]

Cannabis infused Hi-Fi Hops from Lagunitas and AbsoluteXtracts

In California, Santa Rosa-based cannabis concentrate brand AbsoluteXtracts is working with Petaluma beer-maker Lagunitas Brewing Co. on a marijuana-infused beverage branded as Hi-Fi Hops. CannaCraft first partnered with Lagunitas—which is owned by Heineken International—in 2017 to create SuperCritical, a beer infused with cannabis terpenes. The … [Continue]

CV Sciences secures distribution with CVS Pharmacy and Kroger

Landing a deal with mainstream retailers is every cannabis company’s dream because of the expanded reach to consumers and sheer volume of sales potential. The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill that made hemp a federally legal crop also finally made it possible for cannabis-derived … [Continue]

Not all mainstream partnerships with marijuana companies work

Partnerships with mainstream businesses offer marijuana companies many potential benefits. But there can be pitfalls, too—and not every marriage of marijuana and mainstream companies has worked out. Partnerships involving Intec Pharma, Curaleaf and Canopy Growth are among those that didn’t pan out as planned. In … [Continue]

CBD gummies for sleep from Plus Products and Casper Sleep

What do a CBD company and a mattress maker have in common? Sleep, of course. That’s why San Mateo, California-based Plus Products has teamed with Casper Sleep in New York to offer a melatonin- and CBD-infused sleep product. Introduced in September, the sleep goods are … [Continue]

Isodiol partners with AATAC over CBD topical distribution

Think the marijuana retail landscape is diffuse and hard to navigate? The industry looks positively quaint compared to the monster footprint of convenience stores and gas stations. That’s why Canadian CBD manufacturer Isodiol International partnered with a trade association to help penetrate a sales channel … [Continue]

Wellness products take off in the growing recreational cannabis market

Is the U.S. medical marijuana industry doomed? Amid news reports suggesting that MMJ markets are plateauing or shrinking in some states—particularly those that have approved the recreational use of marijuana, it’s reasonable to believe cannabis executives are bailing out of medical and plowing resources into … [Continue]

The Battle is Set: Man-made vs. Natural Cannabinoids

Of all the forces that will shape the future of medical marijuana, the rise of biosynthetic cannabinoids stands to be among the most disruptive—one that could pose a major competitive threat to medicine derived from the cannabis plant. But the extent and timing of that … [Continue]