Mazakali CEO Sumit Mehta discusses cannabis investment space

Sumit Mehta founded Mazakali to counteract the negative consequences of business practices that deplete resources by making investments in sustainable cannabis and hemp. The cannabis investment firm is based in San Francisco, with offices in Denver and Chicago. Mazakali offers capital-placement services to family offices, … [Continue]

Medical grade cannabis production discussion with Ultra Health

Ultra Health has been serving New Mexico’s medical cannabis patients since 2015. While there is arguably more money to be made by serving customers in states with recreational cannabis—and there’s a chance New Mexico’s legislature may legalize adult use before long—the company remains optimistic that … [Continue]

Two Roots Brewing breaking new ground with CBD infused craft beer

Convincing a regular beer drinker to choose a nonalcoholic, THC-infused ale over a traditional brew is no easy task. The same goes for a cannabis consumer who’s more comfortable with smoking, vaping or ingesting edibles than drinking an infused ale. So, when San Diego-based Cannabiniers … [Continue]

Joe Caltabiano of Creso Labs shares his vision for retail cannabis

Cresco Labs, a Chicago-based multistate cannabis company, is hoping to create a consistent retail experience for marijuana consumers across state lines, one that feels much more familiar to mainstream retail customers. The focus on consistency will help ensure that consumers know what to expect, whether … [Continue]