How to Design an Extraction Facility

The design of a facility can dramatically impact how efficiently—or inefficiently—a cannabis extraction company operates. When designing a marijuana extraction lab, it helps to focus on: Ensuring safety when working with dangerous gases. Creating a smooth workflow and reducing the opportunity for contamination. Leaving adequate … [Continue]

Care for a Pre-roll With Your Parmesan Fries?

Los Angeles-based Lowell Herb Co. grabbed headlines in October by opening a cafe in California where customers can legally consume cannabis while taking in a meal or a cup of coffee. Original Cannabis Cafe in West Hollywood is one of the first regulated locations in … [Continue]

Loans Without Bias

Seke Ballard is the founder and CEO of Seattle-based Good Tree Capital, an online platform that raises capital from accredited investors and uses those funds to underwrite small-business loans to vetted, licensed cannabis operators nationwide. Good Tree Capital’s average loan is $75,000, and its biggest … [Continue]

Making Headway in Cannabis Reform

Earl Blumenauer has passionately advocated cannabis reform for about as long as any congressional lawmaker. The Oregon Democrat, who has been a member of the U.S. House of Representatives since 1996, has sponsored bills to legalize marijuana federally, provide tax equity to cannabis businesses, support … [Continue]

How to Keep Extraction Costs Low

Extraction companies looking to stay competitive in a sector growing more crowded by the minute need to consider how to keep costs as low as possible. An extraction company executive looking for ways to save should think about: Automation to lower labor costs. Asking for … [Continue]

Cannabis Aficionado

After 10 years of distributing its humidity-control products to the premium-cigar industry, Boveda, a manufacturer based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, saw the opportunity to increase business by selling its moisture-regulating packets to cannabis companies. In 2007, Boveda President and CEO Sean Knutsen received a call from … [Continue]

Gearing Up

When buying new extraction equipment, anticipate scaling up, look at reputation and seek out great customer service Equipment is one of the costliest purchases a cannabis extraction company can make, with some machines fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many extraction-equipment suppliers promise high efficiency, … [Continue]

Financial Normalization on the Horizon

Rebel Rock executive looks at current trends and makes predictions for the near-term future of the industry Melissa Diaz is the co-founder and CFO of Rebel Rock, a woman-owned accounting and consulting company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and focused on the cannabis industry. Along with … [Continue]