Joe Caltabiano of Creso Labs shares his vision for retail cannabis

Cresco Labs, a Chicago-based multistate cannabis company, is hoping to create a consistent retail experience for marijuana consumers across state lines, one that feels much more familiar to mainstream retail customers. The focus on consistency will help ensure that consumers know what to expect, whether … [Continue]

Five Questions: Building a Medical Marijuana Program to Last

Denmark’s former health minister, Ellen Trane Nørby, is “very confident” the country’s trial program for medical cannabis will be expanded beyond its initial four-year period. “I think there will be some changes. We have all parties and 179 members of parliament backing the scheme (plan) … [Continue]

Executive Page: Chris Husong

Elixinol’s vice president of marketing and communications, Chris Husong, is a branding and marketing expert with more than 20 years of experience in regulated industries such as telecom and finance. At Elixinol, Husong has applied those skills to the health and wellness space. He’s been … [Continue]

Infused Business Strategies: Sweet Strategy

New York City-based Azuca is using tiny, infused sugar granules as the building blocks for its rapidly growing cannabis company. The company claims its patent-­pending granules allow Azuca’s CBD- and THC-infused sweets and cookies to take effect in two to 15 minutes, while traditional edibles … [Continue]

Best Practices: Stop Making Scents

Even if you love the smell of cannabis, your neighbors or nearby business owners might not. Depending on where a marijuana cultivation operation is located, local ordinances might require business owners to mitigate or control the odor. Businesses also might want to control odors just … [Continue]

Money Matters: Troy Dayton

Troy Dayton wants to make the world a better place through cannabis. The co-founder and CEO of  San Francisco-based investment group Arcview wants to make profitable investments in the cannabis industry, for sure, but there is also a large social component linked to his business … [Continue]