Executive Page: Patrick Vo

The CEO of BioTrackTHC discusses the importance of being transparent with employees and operating a multistate business An accountant who planned to become an academic, Patrick Vo was about to begin studying for a Ph.D. when he met the founders of a small software company … [Continue]

Five Questions: Capitalizing on Canada’s First Nursery License

The co-founder of InPlanta says company aims to meet demand for starting material in the consumer retail market and for large cultivators The number of federal cannabis license holders in Canada continues to soar, as does the demand for more diverse starting materials. InPlanta Biotechnology … [Continue]

Retail Business Strategies: Local Booster

Michigan dispensary transitions from marginal to Main Street via community involvement   For eight years after launching in 2010, The Om of Medicine operated in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from a third-floor space that was barely visible from the street. The location allowed patients to buy … [Continue]

Money Matters: Jeffrey Howard and Michael Gruber

Since launching in 2016, Illinois-based Salveo Capital has invested in more than a dozen companies across cannabis sectors, from biotech and tech startups to multistate operators. The firm’s 15-company portfolio comprises a number of rapidly growing cannabis firms, including: Denver-based Würk, a tech firm focused … [Continue]

Best Practices: Microbial Matters

How cannabis growers can fight mold and mildew Mold and powdery mildew can ravage a cannabis grow and lead to destroyed plants, lost time and money and even total eradication of the crop. Vigilant growers can take these steps to guarantee that microbials don’t contaminate … [Continue]

Growing Green

Growing hemp is a lot like growing tomatoes and poinsettias—but it’s not entirely the same. As a dioecious plant that doesn’t self-pollinate, there is a certain learning curve to mastering hemp production that makes it unique. That’s what the team at Greenhouse Growing System (GGS) … [Continue]

Served With a Twist

Recreational cannabis use is legal in 10 states, but sipping an alcoholic drink is still more acceptable in most social settings than lighting a joint. It’s a social phenomenon that cannabis-infused beverage makers are eager to capitalize on, including Kalvara. The Tempe, Arizona-based company is … [Continue]

Best Practices: Light Speed

In addition to water and nutrients, indoor-grown cannabis plants need the proper amount of light to grow and thrive. Ensuring your marijuana receives optimum light allows plants to conduct photosynthesis efficiently and produce healthy, robust flower. Other factors need to be accounted for, including temperature … [Continue]

Executive Page: Kim Rael

A former Intel exec and startup veteran, the CEO of infused product company Azuca shares tips for launching a new business A former executive at computer chip giant Intel, Kim Rael also has a deep background in technology startups. She co-founded the energy company Qynergy … [Continue]

Money Matter: Christopher Galvin

The founder and managing director of Hypur Ventures decides to ‘go big’ with a $500 million fund focusing on long-term value Christopher Galvin founded Hypur Ventures just over five years ago. With a background in corporate finance and hedge funds, his initial target was providing … [Continue]