Airing It Out

A cultivator can learn everything there is to know about seeds and soil, but creating an ideal environment around the plant is also crucial to growing top-notch cannabis and running a profitable business. So says cultivation site designer and grower Tim Shaw, the chief … [Continue]

Industry Snapshot: Concentrates

When it comes to hot new trends in the cannabis industry, edibles have stolen the spotlight as of late. But another form of marijuana has gained immense popularity in recent years too: concentrates such as oil, wax and shatter. Scores of small-scale concentrates producers have … [Continue]

Seismic Shift: 5 Questions with Scott Van Rixel

Scott Van Rixel isn’t exactly optimistic about the future of his industry. The CEO of the wildly successful Bhang Chocolate company, which is based in California but has products available in seven states, the District of Columbia and three other countries, expects that the edibles sector … [Continue]

First Things First

When “marijuana” and “state trooper” are used in the same sentence, it usually means someone is in trouble. Not so if you’re referring to marijuana and Mark Lally, a decorated retired state trooper who runs the only medical cannabis dispensary currently operating in Delaware. Lally … [Continue]

Staying a Step Ahead

When Nancy Whiteman launched the infused products company Wana Brands in Colorado five years ago, the marijuana industry was a completely different animal than it is now. “There was not the level of regulations 5.5 years ago as there is today,” said Whiteman, who co-founded Wana … [Continue]

5 Questions with Ralph Nader

Former presidential candidate and consumer advocate Ralph Nader sat down with Marijuana Business Magazine to discuss his views on legalization and the cannabis industry at large [Continue]