Building the Plane as You Fly

Green Labs eyes product expansion, revamped packaging and other changes during edibles regulatory overhaul in Washington state Infused edibles company Green Labs was blindsided in early October, when Washington state regulators detailed new rules that would effectively kill off the company’s hard-candy offerings and eliminate … [Continue]

Juice Diet

Growers can cut their power consumption through LEDs, cannabis-specific HVACs and greenhouses Cultivators hoping to keep production costs down should consider one crucial component shaping their bottom line: energy consumption. When looking to make your grow consume less juice, the three main areas to highlight … [Continue]

Avant-Garde Holdings Americas CEO Robert Chavez

How did you identify this business opportunity in the cannabis sector? What was your “aha” moment? I’d been in health care for two decades. I ran pain clinics, and I immediately saw the aftermath of the opioid epidemic. South Florida was the epicenter. The patients—they … [Continue]

Five Questions with Lily Colley

Marijuana marketing expert Lily Colley knows well the long list of hurdles that cannabis firms face as they hustle to scale their brands and compete nationally. As the national marketing director for Denver-based edibles maker Incredibles and former marketing co­­ordinator for Denver-based Dixie Brands, Colley … [Continue]

Q&A with Tidal Royalty’s Paul Rosen

As Canada’s largest cannabis firms ink multi-billion-dollar deals to expand globally, many of the companies’ original investors and founders are turning their sights to the opportunities unfolding south of the border, in the United States. One such investor is Paul Rosen, former co-founder, CEO and … [Continue]

Cost Cutters

Faced with falling wholesale prices, growers can lower costs by saving on labor, using LEDs and mixing their own nutrients With wholesale cannabis prices tanking, growers are under huge pressure to keep a lid on costs to survive in today’s hotly competitive market. Here are … [Continue]

Planting the Seeds of Success

CannTrust adds cultivation space, aims for consistency, and teams with an alcohol broker to meet Canada’s adult-use demand Anticipating last fall’s start of adult-use marijuana sales in Canada, CannTrust took three steps. The Ontario company: Beefed up its cultivation facilities to meet recreational cannabis demand, … [Continue]

Science + Ethics

A California infused product maker relies on potent growth formula of science, local partnerships and an ethical supply chain to scale As interest and investments in cannabis-infused beverages grow, one California manufacturer is quickly carving out its niche—and expanding its market share. Christopher Schroeder and … [Continue]