Best Practices: Light Speed

In addition to water and nutrients, indoor-grown cannabis plants need the proper amount of light to grow and thrive. Ensuring your marijuana receives optimum light allows plants to conduct photosynthesis efficiently and produce healthy, robust flower. Other factors need to be accounted for, including temperature … [Continue]

Executive Page: Kim Rael

A former Intel exec and startup veteran, the CEO of infused product company Azuca shares tips for launching a new business A former executive at computer chip giant Intel, Kim Rael also has a deep background in technology startups. She co-founded the energy company Qynergy … [Continue]

Money Matter: Christopher Galvin

The founder and managing director of Hypur Ventures decides to ‘go big’ with a $500 million fund focusing on long-term value Christopher Galvin founded Hypur Ventures just over five years ago. With a background in corporate finance and hedge funds, his initial target was providing … [Continue]

Five Questions: Polling Public Opinion

Pennsylvania’s pro-marijuana lieutenant governor tours counties to get citizen input on recreational legalization Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has been traveling the state in recent months, holding “listening” sessions on the pros and cons of legalizing adult-use marijuana. The town hall-style tour reflects a change … [Continue]

CBD Chic

Come Back Daily pulls off the look and feel of a cool Manhattan cafe, but the owners have built their model around cannabinoids rather than coffee. Located near Chinatown and Tribeca, Come Back Daily opened its doors in November to capitalize on the booming CBD … [Continue]

How to Grow Better Cannabis for Extraction

Cultivating marijuana that’s ideally suited for extraction requires a specified approach beyond simply growing the best possible plants. A grower looking to dial in best practices when optimizing plants for oil production should consider: The quality of the source material and genetics. Which cultivation methods … [Continue]

Luka Freyer

The CEO of dispenser maker Patron and co-founder of Freyherr talks business opportunities in Macedonia and Slovenia   Luka Freyer is an economist who specializes in entrepreneurship and management. He established Patron, a producer of easy-to-use dispensers for natural extracts such as oil, wax, paste … [Continue]

Expanding Beyond Cultivation

As more companies consider entering Canada’s cannabis cultivation industry, some are starting to look past the country’s current marijuana shortage to plot their exits from farming altogether. These executives foresee a hypercompetitive cultivation market developing at some point (exact date to be determined), resulting in … [Continue]

Vikas Desai

The CEO of dispenser maker Patron and co-founder of Freyherr talks business opportunities in Macedonia and Slovenia   As investment opportunities in the cannabis industry ramp up, venture capital and private equity firms are preparing to deploy millions of dollars into startups and early stage … [Continue]

‘Three A Light,’ Three Years Later

Discussing the future of cultivation with growing guide author Joshua Haupt When Joshua Haupt released his controversial cannabis growing guide, “Three A Light,” in 2015, some people thought he was selling snake oil. Growers were struggling to yield 2 pounds of cannabis per grow light. … [Continue]