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Green Lockdown

In the past few years, thefts at cannabis grow facilities have made headlines as thieves got brasher. In 2017, for example, Seattle cannabis businesses (both growers and retailers) were victims of 65 burglaries—some striking boutique indoor growers at the most vulnerable time: just as their … [Continue]

Real Deals

Many cannabis companies are eager to take advantage of any dip in commercial real estate prices that accompany economic downturns. Amid the coronavirus-induced recession, some marijuana businesses are hoping to pick up assets and properties from rivals and mainstream companies that scale back or close … [Continue]

Best by: Aug. 31, 2020

Like any product that is ingested, cannabis has a shelf life. Manufacturers of infused cannabis products such as candies, beverages and creams need to make sure their products can withstand time on store shelves and in customers’ homes. “Shelf-life stability in the world of cannabis-infused … [Continue]

Getting a Head Start

Federal marijuana reform still might be several years away, but experts say it’s not too early to prepare for that day. Executives who entered the sector from other industries say cannabis businesses need to measure themselves in standard ways, such as by the financial metrics … [Continue]

Tough Fiber

Attentive shoppers walking through a Macy’s department store last winter might have spotted a rarity in the bedding department: hemp sheets, advertised as being 100% made from the plant’s fibers. The sheets were a rarity because such textiles are “a brand-new category” in the market, … [Continue]

Appealing to Amateurs

Major League Baseball announced in December that it had removed cannabis from its list of banned substances, permitting active players to use hemp-derived CBD products. In February, NFL team owners approved the terms of a deal that would do much the same—and more. Which begs … [Continue]

Navigating the Zoning Maze

Zoning rules create complicated and vexing issues for those wanting to open a marijuana business in almost any U.S. market. “Zoning is the biggest barrier in Maine,” said Tammie Snow, a cannabis attorney in Portland. And it’s not just in Maine. “We have seen an exponential … [Continue]

Bargain Hunters

The cannabis industry was experiencing a major shift in merger and acquisition activity before COVID-19 derailed consolidation strategies. Coronavirus exacerbated concerns about plummeting company valuations and ongoing regulatory hurdles, disheartening already tight-fisted investors wary of funding marijuana shops. Gone are the days when big public … [Continue]

Beyond the Vault

Break-ins and theft are universal threats at cannabis businesses. In recent months, thieves have targeted marijuana retailers in Chicago, Seattle, Bozeman, Montana, and Sacramento, California. In Denver, dispensary robberies hit a three-year high in 2019, including a rash of six related armed robberies. To protect … [Continue]

Tools of the Trade

Membership in cannabis trade associations has skyrocketed over the past decade, thanks to the industry’s explosive growth. And many industry executives endorse such groups as a way to communicate business-related issues to lawmakers and regulators who influence policy. Yet, while membership helps further the industry’s … [Continue]