Cannabis Corporate Governance

The rough-and-tumble nature of an emerging industry. Company founders with potential black marks on their record. Heavy—and often-changing—regulations. These are among the factors that explain why the cannabis industry has a corporate governance problem. It’s a challenge that executives at publicly traded cannabis companies can … [Continue]

Garbage Game

A college stint on an Illinois cattle farm gave John Whiteside some stinky inspiration to launch a business in one of the most promising sectors of the marijuana and hemp industries: waste disposal. Now the cannabis waste sector and entrepreneurs such as Whiteside are exploring … [Continue]

How to Avoid Being a California Cannabis Casualty

Thousands of companies have exited the California marijuana industry since it morphed in 2018 from a 20-year gray market into one of the most highly regulated cannabis business landscapes in the United States. The reasons vary from company to company—ranging from an inability to obtain … [Continue]

Track and Trace

By tracking terpene content, potency, yields and other data, extractors can aid their bottom lines, retain top customers and boost oil yields To make smart business decisions, extraction companies need to closely track every order that comes in from cannabis growers supplying product. Diligent recordkeepers … [Continue]

Short Stop

Critics have attacked short sellers as Wall Street villains for decades. Shorts, as they’re known, were attacked after the 1929 stock market crash. More recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk blasted short sellers as “jerks who want us to die.” So, it was only a matter … [Continue]

Countering the Counterfeiters

Four steps cannabis companies can take to protect their products from becoming knockoffs Counterfeiters have long peddled knockoffs mimicking Louis Vuitton handbags, Ray Ban sunglasses and Rolex watches. But over the past year, counterfeiters have increasingly set their sights on the global cannabis space, hoping … [Continue]

Retail Do’s and Don’ts

Dispensary design tips that’ll resonate with customers and help a retailer’s bottom line The design of a marijuana dispensary can be memorable or, well, meh. Convenient, spacious shops with visual product displays and Instagrammable features can keep customers coming back and revenue flowing. But stark, … [Continue]

Jack of All Trades or Master of One?

The decision to vertically integrate his new cannabis business is one that has kept Kevin Currier awake at night. Ahead of Michigan’s transition to an adult-use market, Currier, a resident of the Great Lakes state, applied for a medical marijuana retail license in Grand Rapids. … [Continue]

Going Global? Join the GMP Parade

Good Manufacturing Practice certification is key for medical marijuana companies with international ambitions What do multinational medical cannabis cultivators have in common? They’ve achieved the gold standard for international quality compliance: Good Manufacturing Practice certification. GMP, as it is commonly known, is a codified set … [Continue]

Tissue Culture

Growers explore a new way to propagate and preserve a plant’s genetics Cannabis cultivators have long relied on cloning as a way to propagate plant inventory and preserve their genetics. But cloning—taking a rooted cutting of a mother plant to grow a genetically identical plant—may … [Continue]