Live from MJBizContINTL

Conference speakers offer their best advice about overseas markets, public safety and having an exit plan – all delivered via cyberspace As the top minds in the global cannabis business gathered in Toronto in August for Marijuana Business Daily’s inaugural international conference, our staff was … [Continue]

Family Affair

Reducing conflicts in a family MJ business can involve exercise, deep breathing or hiring a counselor to work through issues By John Rebchook Family members can make the most trustworthy business partners in a marijuana business. Well-regarded family cannabis enterprises abound, including Etain Health, a … [Continue]

‘Tis the Season for Limited-Release Products

Seasonal, themed or specialty infused offerings can complement a product line without compromising it By Joey Peña It wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin spice, winter without peppermint, spring without strawberries or summer without lemonade. Cannabis-infused product manufacturers know this, and they’re capitalizing on popular demand … [Continue]

THC versus CBD

Ten survival tips for THC-focused companies aiming to survive the CBD product boom By Bart Schaneman Two new rivals have surfaced in the cannabis industry: THC and CBD. Executives at some THC-focused cannabis companies are growing concerned they will lose profits and market share to … [Continue]

Cashing Out

Five steps that founders of marijuana businesses can take to make their companies more attractive to potential suitors By Lisa Bernard-Kuhn As merger and acquisition activity accelerates across the cannabis industry, many companies are discovering that they don’t need a for-sale sign in the window … [Continue]

Setting the right price on infused products and accessories

You can be competitive on wholesale prices for infused products and accessories such as vaporizers without fighting a price war. The key: finding the sweet spot so your products are competitive with those of your rivals – without deep-sixing the bottom line. Lowering wholesale prices … [Continue]

Oregon MJ grower closes the loop

While there are many ways for indoor and greenhouse cannabis growers to be sustainable, few grow types are more environmentally friendly and inexpensive to run than an outdoor, closed-loop farm, where everything used on the farm goes back into the land. For example, plants are … [Continue]

Taking the Public Plunge

Five tips marijuana executives should consider before their business becomes a publicly traded company By Lisa Bernard-Kuhn From initial public offerings to reverse takeovers, a growing number of cannabis companies are turning to public markets in the United States and Canada as they hustle to … [Continue]