Taking the Public Plunge

Five tips marijuana executives should consider before their business becomes a publicly traded company By Lisa Bernard-Kuhn From initial public offerings to reverse takeovers, a growing number of cannabis companies are turning to public markets in the United States and Canada as they hustle to … [Continue]

Repeat Business

From loyalty programs to emails about specials, dispensary owners share tips that keep customers coming back Margaret Jackson Whether it’s shopping for groceries or cannabis, everybody loves getting a good deal. That’s why loyalty programs – whether they come from your local grocery store or … [Continue]

Five Ways to Keep Talent

Avoiding layoffs, careful staffing and cross-training are among the ways to retain staffers and build loyalty during market delays By Joey Peña In new cannabis markets where compliance, scarce supply or testing logjams can delay cultivation and retail operations, it’s critical to retain talent during … [Continue]

Liquid Gold

CBD beverage sales boom, as producers focus on taste and packaging to fuel consumer demand By Kristen Nichols As CBD transitions from dispensaries to health-food outlets, smoothie bars and convenience stores, the supplement is moving out of the dropper bottle and into full-sized beverages. Producers … [Continue]

Preventative Medicine

A well-equipped grow, a watchful eye and friendly critters can help growers ensure their product passes state testing requirements By Joseph Peña Cannabis that fails to pass state requirements can be salvaged to avoid a costly catastrophe. But preventive measures – including investments in infrastructure … [Continue]

Good Citizenship

Giving back can help MJ companies burnish their public image, get an edge on rivals and attract customers and talent By Adrian D. Garcia Cannabis companies around the nation are finding they can get back nearly as much as they give to their local communities. … [Continue]

10 Takeaways from MJBizConNEXT

Tips to prepare yourself and your business for the future By Marijuana Business Magazine staff Specialists in the areas of cannabis cultivation, finance, infused products and more shared their professional trials and triumphs with more than 3,000 attendees at the inaugural MJBizConNEXT conference held this … [Continue]

Postponing Payment

Marijuana business owners can take steps to defray building rental costs while waiting for a license By John Rebchook It can take months for a marijuana dispensary or other business to get its license approved by regulators. A key requirement: A company must first have … [Continue]

Tapping the Booze Business

Hemp, CBD and extraction companies can crack the infused alcoholic beverage market but must navigate a regulatory thicket By Vicky Uhland When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, small, local brewers and distillers were the first to get back into the alcohol business. Many either grew … [Continue]

In Search of the Perfect Cure

Two veteran growers explain why you can cure newly harvested marijuana in a matter of days, not weeks or months By Omar Sacirbey In an ideal world, cultivators would have the luxury of time when it comes to drying and curing their cannabis. They’d take … [Continue]