Shark Bait

Modern-day loan sharks are circling the cannabis industry. Predatory lending—a practice that gained special notoriety during the Great Recession—can cripple or sink a cannabis business owner who is launching or expanding a company. Predatory loans typically involve a lender who relies on unfair or misleading … [Continue]

Generation Gap

Millennials might be a cannabis company’s bread and butter. But middle-aged and older adults are increasingly turning to marijuana for medical or recreational use—and that underscores the need for cannabis businesses ranging from retailers to makers of infused products and concentrates to develop generation-specific marketing, … [Continue]

How to Keep Top-Tier Budtenders

It can be difficult for marijuana retailers to keep their top-performing budtenders, but the payoff for investing in retention is well worth it. “When you have really engaged, high-performing budtenders who are passionate about what you do and who are passionate about working for your … [Continue]

Canada Gets Clinical

Canada’s strict branding and packaging regulations have posed a unique challenge for cannabis companies trying to make their recreational products stand out on store shelves. The regulations limit what messages companies can deliver to consumers, given that MJ businesses must use generic, clinical packaging. Health … [Continue]

Top Insights from MJBizCon

Industry experts sound off on finance, product testing, social media and more There was little sin and plenty of cannabis industry expertise as MJBizCon took over the Las Vegas Convention Center in November. More than 27,500 cannabis professionals from at least 60 countries gathered Nov. … [Continue]

Taking Stock

New technology, agile teams and a watchful eye help with inventory management and forecasting As new legal cannabis markets emerge and states adjust existing regulations, inventory management and forecasting become increasingly challenging for marijuana retailers and product manufacturers. Regulatory shifts can mean unloading product that … [Continue]

Navigating Environmental Regulations

Finding the right team to manage concerns with air, water and more When California marijuana dispensary owner Chris Jennings decided to apply for a cultivation license in 2016, he helped organize a meeting for growers to discuss water and other natural resource regulations with several … [Continue]

Do’s and Don’ts

Tips and pitfalls for designing and building a marijuana cultivation facility Designing and building a marijuana cultivation facility is no small undertaking. Like any other major project, it’s rife with pitfalls. But fear not: You can plan and take steps beforehand that will help ensure … [Continue]

Fighting Back Against RICO

Cannabis companies can take proactive steps to head off racketeering lawsuits   The number of federal civil racketeering lawsuits filed against marijuana businesses is on the rise, forcing companies named in a lawsuit to spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to fight the claims. … [Continue]

How to Avoid the Sweet Leaf Trap

Technology and compliance training are needed to adhere to customer purchase limits and avoid ‘looping’ practice   At its height, Sweet Leaf was one of Colorado’s largest vertically integrated cannabis businesses and considered a pioneer in the marijuana retail chain concept. Now, the company is … [Continue]