Recreational marijuana business owners in Washington state look back

A half-decade ago, Washington state’s cannabis business owners took the reins of the country’s second recreational marijuana market behind Colorado, and they’ve learned plenty from their mistakes in that time. Washington state began sales of adult-use cannabis July 8, 2014. Since then, the pioneering executives … [Continue]

Companies are turning to temporary jobs working with cannabis

With a harvest cycle that yields up to 110 pounds every two days, Denver-based Medicine Man finds it needs temporary workers daily. In fact, temporary—or gig—workers consistently make up 30% of Medicine Man’s staff. The gig economy has permeated American culture as upstart companies such … [Continue]

Employee theft at cannabis retailers becoming more clandestine

Is employee theft in the cannabis industry a curse that’s been cured—or a problem that’s taken on a new, more covert form requiring special attention from retailers? Several marijuana retailers cite reasons to discount the extent of employee theft, including state-mandated security procedures and a … [Continue]

Don’t Bank on Bankruptcy

When attorney Charles Ferrari works with licensed marijuana operators to help set up their businesses, he warns them that federal bankruptcy likely won’t be an option. “Candidly, if you’re involved in cannabis even tangentially, you’re possibly operating without a parachute,” said Ferrari, senior counsel for … [Continue]

Business Along Borders

The quaint resort community of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, has fewer than 7,000 residents. But in the state’s first three months of adult-use marijuana sales, Theory Wellness, the town’s first dispensary, sold more than $6 million in cannabis products. That’s double what the company’s CEO, Brandon … [Continue]

The Internship

Plant-touching and ancillary businesses are developing internship programs to cultivate talented college students and graduates who are interested in careers in cannabis. From cannabis testing labs to dispensary software businesses, companies are opening their doors to students with the hope that when the top performers … [Continue]

Holding on to Hemp

Postharvest handling and storage techniques are essential for maintaining a profitable business Storing hemp properly is arguably as important as planting, harvesting or any other step in the cultivation process, because it can be just as crucial to farmers looking to turn a profit. Standard … [Continue]

Photo Essay: Lab Testing for Yeast and Mold

Biocontaminants such as yeast, mold, E. coli and salmonella can be a costly problem for marijuana cultivators or cannabis-infused product manufacturers. They can wreak havoc on a facility or cause product to fail mandatory tests, which can require large batches to be destroyed or remediated … [Continue]

Making Your Mark and Protecting It

Marijuana products technically aren’t eligible for federal trademarks because the plant is illegal under the Controlled Substances Act. But that doesn’t mean cannabis businesses can’t protect their intellectual property and build brand awareness through patents and federal trademarks—the latter is applicable if the application doesn’t … [Continue]