Business Profiles

Going the Extra Mile

A dynamic retail space, a well-trained staff and online sales are among the keys to delivering great service to customers By Joseph Peña Top-notch customer service can distinguish quality cannabis retailers from a packed field of competitors. From interior design and displays to staff training … [Continue]

Recipe for Success

Coda Signature relies on superior ingredients, top culinary talent and a flexible expansion strategy to become a national infused brand By Adrian D. Garcia The team behind Coda Signature is relying on several ingredients to transform its premium infused products into a national brand: high-quality … [Continue]

Turning on a Dime

To boost its bottom line, a Colorado MJ company shifts gears to lower its taxes, expand into new lines of business By Margaret Jackson Strawberry Fields is not your run-of-the-mill marijuana business. The vertically integrated Colorado company has been opening retail stores across the state … [Continue]

Good Neighbor Policy

To woo wary neighbors, marijuana businesses need to do early public outreach and act like good corporate citizens By John Rebchook A little neighborly outreach and goodwill can go a long way in the marijuana industry. That approach can save you time and money – … [Continue]

Honing Your Trimming Skills

Two cultivation gurus share tips on how to give your plants a first-class trim job By Omar Sacirbey Despite the availability of large machine trimmers, many growers prefer to trim their cannabis by hand, using pruners, shears or scissors. Hand trimming – which most growers … [Continue]

Treating Employees Like Stars

An Arizona medical marijuana company creates a corporate culture that values and retains top talent By Joseph Peña Recruiting high-performing, enthusiastic employees is a vital part of a retail strategy – and retaining top talent is just as critical. That’s where crafting a strong corporate … [Continue]

Surf and Turf

Cultivators shun synthetic nutrients in favor of organic mixes and soils, using worm excrement, alfalfa, lobster shells and more By Omar Sacirbey When Mark Simkins moved from Austin, Texas, to southern Oregon a few years ago, his lack of cultivation experience may have been his … [Continue]

Cultivating a Unique Strategy

An Alaskan cannabis company relies on soil science, natural farming techniques and LED technology to improve its crop By Joseph Peña Pakalolo Supply Co. made history on Oct. 28, 2016: The Fairbanks, Alaska, cannabis business conducted the state’s first legal recreational marijuana sale. But in … [Continue]

Trial and Error

Washington state edibles maker BotanicaSeattle learns from its mistakes and develops products to meet differing consumer tastes By Margaret Jackson Failure is an integral part of Tim Moxey’s standard operating procedures. The co-founder of BotanicaSeattle has relied on trial and error since he and Chris … [Continue]

What Are We Talking About?

Why it’s a silly waste of time to separate hemp from marijuana By Kristen Nichols It looked like a typo. But it turned out to be the biggest dilemma facing the emerging hemp industry. Iowa’s largest newspaper was writing about that state’s new CBD law … [Continue]