Business Profiles

Dialing in the Dosing

Infused products companies are using pharmaceutical industry technologies and methods to improve dosing of THC, CBD by Omar Sacirbey Makers of marijuana-infused products are borrowing a page from the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to accurate dosing of THC and CBD in edibles, drinks, topicals … [Continue]

Landing the Right Retail Location

Securing prime property requires finding a good broker, doing a lot of your own legwork, and patience by John Rebchook It took Mike Cuthriell 11 months to find the ideal location for Metropolitan Wellness Center, a medical marijuana dispensary seven blocks from the Capitol dome … [Continue]

Preserving Genetics

Some growers and breeders are working to maintain heirloom-like cannabis strains for use in developing hybrids by Bart Schaneman You hear it often from longtime cannabis users: What happened to the marijuana strain I once loved? Where’s the Acapulco Gold? Where can I find an … [Continue]

Scaling While Failing

How a vape pen maker recovered from production snafus in China that nearly sank the company by Joseph Peña In 2015, Roger Volodarsky’s New York-based Puffco released a vape pen that was an immediate hit with cannabis critics and consumers. But back-to-back manufacturing mishaps in … [Continue]

Industry Snapshot: Growers & Automation

Data, trends and challenges by John Schroyer For decades, marijuana cultivation has been performed completely by hand, from growers in the mountains of California to basements in New England. But as the cannabis industry matures and becomes more like traditional agriculture, an increasing number of … [Continue]

Kicking the Tires

Edibles companies look to staffers, customers, retail employees to test-drive new products by Bart Schaneman Forget about paying a consumer panel or hiring a market research firm to help your company test a new product. Marijuana edibles makers increasingly are turning to customers and cannabis … [Continue]

Hire Learning

How to find – and train – the right lead cultivator for your grow by Bart Schaneman The title master grower might be falling out of favor, but having the right person on staff to manage and direct your cultivation facility has never been more … [Continue]

Fire Drill

How to protect your extraction business from harmful blazes, explosions by Omar Sacirbey Operating any type of cannabis business is difficult, given heavy state regulations on the industry, lingering stigmas and the illegality of the plant at the federal level. Extraction companies face two added … [Continue]

Navigating a Tough Market

A New Jersey dispensary owner relies on educational outreach and personalized service to stay afloat by Margaret Jackson Julio Valentin opened New Jersey’s first medical marijuana dispensary in December 2012, striking out on a difficult journey that required creative thinking, patience and persistence. New Jersey’s … [Continue]

Industry Snapshot: Data Companies

Data, trends and challenges by John Schroyer “Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.” That adage – linked to a deceased business professor from New York’s Baruch College – could serve as the catchphrase for a specialized … [Continue]