Marijuana Business Magazine - Issue 09, Oct 2017

H¬RE LEARN¬NG M arijuana cultivators keen to hire bud trimmers should look for candidates with a passion for the cannabis industry, a tolerance for tedium and a good attitude. Trimming can be monotonous and repetitive. Trimmers typically spend their days harvesting buds from plants by hand, playing a key role in the qual- ity of a product a cultivator produces. But trimmers can be a transient lot, with high turnover rates. Keeping trim crews staffed is an ongoing challenge for many cannabis operations. How to hire – and train – trimmers for your cultivation operation by Bart Schaneman EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hiring quality bud trimmers can be difficult. But they’re a linchpin of any cultivation operation. When staffing your trim crew: • Look for people who are passionate about cannabis and who want a long-term career in the industry. • Find trimmers who are comfortable with tedium and have a keen attention to detail. • Post trimmer jobs on employment sites and social media. • Be aware that the position is viewed as a steppingstone in the marijuana industry. • To keep your trimmer motivated, provide concrete incentives such as decent pay and the opportunity for advancement. Handler Cherish Hobbs trims some Pineapple Express at Greatland Ganja. Photo courtesy of Chevelle Abel 96 • Marijuana Business Magazine • October 2017