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C alifornia has one of the largest economies on Earth, and it’s about to be wide open for can- nabis entrepreneurs. Contrary to what many may believe, the state’s cannabis market isn’t overly saturated, despite the thousands of exist- ing marijuana-related companies already in operation. “There’s always room for someone to come in and create a brand and a lane for themselves. It’s just who has the brains and who has the money to get in and make it happen,” said Virgil Grant, president of the Southern California Coalition (SCC), a Los Angeles-based marijuana industry organization. Grant is far from alone in that assessment. Plenty of others see an abundance of business opportunities in the Golden State, in large part because a lot of industry insiders don’t think a majority of existing businesses will be able to – or will choose to – make the transition to the regulated market.That means literally thousands of business licenses will be up for grabs. If there are business opportunities, then, where are they? What sectors provide the most options? The answer depends on whom you ask and where you’re looking. Longtime California marijuana executives say hot California offers countless MJ business opportunities, but entrepreneurs must first check if a municipality is cannabis friendly by John Schroyer Greta Carter, the president of G.Car Companies, believes California will offer virtually unlimited opportunities for ancillary businesses. Photo by Tom Kelsey 96 • Marijuana Business Magazine • November / December 2017 C alifornia D reamin' GALORE OPPORTUN¬T¬ES