Marijuana Business Magazine - February 2018

F or nearly 40 years G rowers s upply has been supplying commercial growers with GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures, the most versatile line of cannabis greenhouses B uilt to l ast - GrowSpan greenhouses feature energy-efficient designs that are built to last. With durable materials and automated blackout systems, you will be producing the finest bud for years to come. e xpert C annaBis C onsultation - We staff cannabis consultants with industry experience. They can provide valuable design advice, and their knowledge of the energy grid allows growers to increase profits by reducing energy consumption, as well as obtain energy-related rebates and financing. V isit www . Growspan . Com or call 1.800.476.9715 to find out how we can help with all your growing needs VISIT OUR GREENHOUSE DEDICATED WEBSITE GROWSPAN.COM i n -H ouse F inanCinG i s B aCk - As low as 4.99%. BOOST PROFITS BY CREATING YOUR IDEAL GROWSPAN GREENHOUSE