Marijuana Business Magazine - May-June 2018

By Vicky Uhland W hen Prohibition was repealed in 1933, small, local brew- ers and distillers were the first to get back into the alcohol business.Many either grew into national brands or were snapped up by larger companies looking to expand. Today, the same scenario is occurring with beer, wine and spirits infused with hempseed oil, cannabidiol or cannabis terpenes. Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing, for example, recently unveiled a hemp beer, while California-based Lagunitas Brewing last year offered a brew infused with cannabis terpenes. “We’re in a unique moment in time.There are no big hemp or CBD alcohol brands yet, so there’s a window – maybe for the next three to Hemp, CBD and extraction companies can crack the infused alcoholic beverage market but must navigate a regulatory thicket The brewing staff at Vermont’s Long Trail Brewing prepare to add hemp oil used to make the brewery’s CBD-infused beer, Medicator. Photo by Drew Vetere/Long Trail Brewing 40 • Marijuana Business Magazine • May-June 2018