Marijuana Business Magazine - May-June 2018

A WORLD OF T he international legal marijuana business landscape has blossomed from a handful of countries a few years ago to more than two dozen today. Legalized medical cannabis can be found in at least one country on every habitable continent. The opportunities abroad, however, By Omar Sacirbey and Matt Lamers are significantly different than those in the United States.Most important, these are federal markets where marijuana businesses don’t have to worry about government interference or discriminatory practices like the 280E tax provision. And because they are federally legal, some of these international markets allow exports and imports of medical cannabis products, opening a tremendous market opportunity that U.S. businesses confined to legal state markets can only imagine. Many of these international markets are more focused on scientific and medical research into cannabis than what’s been possible in the United States, opening GOING GL BAL 56 • Marijuana Business Magazine • May-June 2018 Ancillary Cultivation Extraction and Manufacturing Research & Development Retail A