Marijuana Business Magazine November December 2018

HEMP & CBD INDUSTRY FACTBOOK 2018 CHAPTER 1 - MARKET OVERVIEW Copyright 2018, Hemp Industry Daily, a division of Anne Holland Ventures Inc. You may NOT copy this Factbook, or make public the data and facts contained herein, in part or in whole. For more copies or editorial permissions, contact [email protected] or call 720.213.5992 ext. 1. 12 The Hemp Plant The hemp plant has many different uses, which can generally be divided into three distinct buckets based on the parts of the plant: • Flower • Seeds • Fiber/stalks The market for hemp products, however, is distilled even further, with hemp flower constituting the vast majority of hemp sales, dwarfing hemp seeds and hemp fiber/stalks combined. *Hemp seeds and fibers can contain CBD, though the flower contains much more and is most valuable in commercial CBD extraction FIBER/ STALKS SEEDS FLOWERS • Rich in cannabinoids, including CBD • Can be used for tinctures, extracts and medicines • The edible part of the hemp plant • Can be pressed into oil for food and other purposes • May be shelled for “hemp hearts,” which are packed with healthy protein and amino and fatty omega-3 acids • When milled, becomes hemp protein powder • Can be processed for CBD* • Include long fibers and a woody inner core (hurd) • Fibers can be spun into cloth • Hurd can be used as insulation or pressed into forms for use in manufacturing or construction • Can be processed for CBD* Source: Hemp Industry Daily November/December 2018 • Marijuana Business Magazine • 39