Marijuana Business Magazine January 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | January 2019 58 International BACKSTORY With more than 20 years of executive experience, Scott brings a high level of professionalism to her medically focused cannabis company. Her international business expertise should also serve her well as her company forges global partnerships. WHY TOWATCH At the helm of the Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective, Scott is leading a charge to bring island-grown cannabis to the world. The company is exporting medical marijuana to Australia, Brazil, Canada and Germany. This year, Scott will oversee a massive build-out of the Jamaican cultiva- tion facility. When the facility is completed, her company should be operating nearly 1 million square feet of green- house space. Moreover, that cannabis is already contracted to markets in several countries. Looking ahead, Scott has her eye on the United Kingdom as a new market. She already is working as an adviser to a group helping to shape the MMJ industry in that country. “We have a very ambitious program,” she said. – Bart Schaneman BEST BUSINESS ADVICE “For people who are building their businesses, there’s a lot of capital that is around today, but there are a lot of people who are giving up equity very, very early in the process. Be very strategic about how you start and grow your company over the long term so that it remains the vision of what you intended it to be. Keep tight to your finances. As you’re ex- panding your team, you have to look after your people.” Diane Scott Chairman and CEO, Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective | Headquartered in Toronto, with operations in Jamaica BACKSTORY Rojas worked with Boston Consulting Group, Kimberly Clark, Siemens and Morgan Stanley before founding Colombian Cannabis in early 2016. She sold the company to Canopy Growth in July 2018, renaming it Spectrum Cannabis Colombia. Rojas continues to lead Spectrum Cannabis, serving as country manager director. WHY TOWATCH 2019 will be a decisive year as Rojas expands Spectrum Cannabis Colombia. The company will continue building out production operations in El Juncal. Rojas expects to start 2019 with about 50 employees, a number she hopes to at least triple by the end of the year. With an initial in- vestment of $60 million from Canopy Growth, the farm in Colom- bia will become the Canadian company’s primary production and processing hub for Latin America, creating jobs and contributing to the local and national economy. Rojas believes the goals of Spectrum Cannabis Colom- bia are fully aligned with the vision of Colombia’s newly elected government. As the company advances production operations, Rojas plans to launch research operations in Colombia and throughout the region to further the understanding and potential uses of cannabis-based medicines. Clinical trials are already underway in Chile. – Alfredo Pascual BEST BUSINESS ADVICE “La perseverancia vence lo que la dicha no alcanza.” This Colombian saying loosely translates as, “Perseverance can achieve what you can’t by just wishing.” Rojas encourages women in the industry not to give up—“not if they close doors on your face, not if they under- estimate you, not if they laugh at your dreams.” Bibiana Rojas Country Manager Director, Spectrum Cannabis Colombia | Headquarters: Bogota, with local production in El Juncal, Huila, Colombia