Marijuana Business Magazine April 2019

$92,010 Sales rep, science & tech $63,050 Sales rep, services average annual salary OUTSIDE SALES REPRESENTATIVE $80,000 + COMMISSION $50,000 Coffee roaster $120,000 Petroleum engineer $81,870 Chemists CANNABIS MASTER EXTRACTOR $120,000 average annual salary Payroll is the biggest expense for most companies. But how does your organizationʼs salary schedule compare to others in your state and the cannabis industry as a whole? For this special issue, the staff of Marijuana Business Magazine collected data from HempStaff, Vangst, Viridian Staffing and Glassdoor to get a comprehensive view of salaries in the marijuana industry and beyond. On these pages, cannabis industry salaries are shown in large bubbles, while their counterparts from other sectors are in smaller bubbles. CANNABIS INDUSTRY 41 April 2019 |