Marijuana Business Magazine April 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | April 2019 66 T he design of a marijuana dispensa- ry can be memorable or, well, meh. Convenient, spacious shops with visual product displays and Insta- grammable features can keep customers coming back and revenue flowing. But stark, fluorescent-lighted spaces with no amenities—such as on-site parking or an ATM—can send them to the dispensary down the road. Below, cannabis retail shop owners share their tips for designing top-notch dispensaries. DO’S Do open in a convenient location. Sixty-seven percent of consumers say a convenient location is one of the most important factors when choosing where to purchase cannabis, according to consumer research shared by BDS Analytics, a Boulder, Colorado-based cannabis data analytics firm. “Location is everything when it comes to retail, especially cannabis retail,” said Bob Groesbeck, co-CEO of Planet 13, a vertically integrated cannabis business that boasts having the world’s largest re- tail dispensary, which also happens to be adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip. “Chances are that customers are going to default to the easiest location unless there’s a reason to travel further.” Choose a dispensary location close to interstates, highways or heavily trafficked thoroughfares. Consider the nearest at- tractions or other popular businesses and select a site that has ample parking. Planet 13, for example, is just off Interstate 15 and within walking distance of popular hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s as close to the world-famous gaming corridor as a dispensary can legally be, Groesbeck noted. Do create a spacious, inviting environment for customers. “Like with any retail space, you must be strategic in designing a retail A cannabis retail space should be designed with the customer top of mind. Dispensary owners shared tips for creating welcoming spaces that prioritize customer service: • Set up shop in convenient locations near interstates, highways or big attractions. • Hire a retail design professional to create a roomy, well-lit space. • Set up product displays to catch customers’ eyes and include various checkout options. • Use vibrant art installations or behind-the-scenes visits to encourage customers to share snapshots of your space on Instagram and other social media. • Don’t overlook functional spaces for storage. • Cramped waiting rooms or retail spaces make customers feel rushed. Caliva, a vertically integrated California marijuana business, operates a dispensary in San Jose. Courtesy Photo