Marijuana Business Magazine April 2019

Patent # 7346147, Patent # 7515686, Patents Pending | MKT 032-Rev 1-08/18 THE 420 SERIES MITIGATES: •Total aerobic plate count (cfu/g) •Total yeast and mold (cfu/g) •Entero (cfu/g) •Coliform (cfu/g) THE 420 SERIES IS: •Available in three sizes each built per 9001 standards •Mounted on casters •Perfect for the LP who chooses to control the process •A way to increase your profit and production •Features QUASTAR ® technology The 420 Series Irradiators are on-site X-ray Systems that feature proprietary QUASTAR ® X-ray technology. ® ® Contact us today!!! 678-765-7900 [email protected] PASS is the only result you will see on your BIO-TEST with the Series 420 machines from Rad Source!!!