Marijuana Business Magazine May-June 2019

May-June 2019 | 25 Cannabis cultivation facilities will be required to pay an excise tax of 15% on the value of marijuana sold or transferred to retail stores. Guerrero will impanel a nine-member Cannabis Control Board, which will have up to one year to adopt rules and regulations for players in the industry. Canada Warns Over Promotional Activities Corinne Guenette, director of Health Canada’s compliance promotion and policy branch, sent a letter reminding companies of their obligation to comply with the Cannabis Act, particularly prohibitions related to the promotion of cannabis and accessories, as well as marijuana-related services. Guenette highlighted certain activities that could contravene Canada’s strict rules on promotion, packaging and labeling, including: • Promotions, packaging and labeling that could appeal to young people. • Promotions, packaging and labeling that aims to evoke an emotional response involving feelings such as excitement, vitality, risk or daring. Health Canada noted that some cannabis license holders are promoting their goods or services on social media and websites without taking steps to ensure promotions cannot be accessed by young people. The health department’s letter also addressed the practice of “age gating,” or the self-confirmation of age by users: “Simple self-attestation of age may be easily circumvented by youth. All license holders should … implement additional steps to ensure youth cannot access promotional content.” © 2019 Marijuana Business Daily, a division of Anne Holland Ventures ; this information is current as of April 14, 2019.