Marijuana Business Magazine July 2019

Krytiuk grows in 4-inch rock wool cubes, with cubes spaced out every foot and a half. He also agrees with Murr-Sloat about culling cultivars. “If you have a strain that seems to be attracting mold or powdery mil- dew, just throw it out,” Krytiuk said. There are plenty of others to choose from, he agreed. Responding to an Outbreak In the event of an outbreak, which is more of a when than an if, growers can either try to contain the spread or destroy all the plants, sanitize the facility and start over. “I find most growers typically eradicate,” Lambert said. “As much as it upsets the investors or the owners, you have to do what’s right.” He’s seen growers who have had only a handful of exposed plants destroy the entire crop. They bleach the grow from top to bottom— including the floor, ceiling, walls, tables and other equipment—and start from scratch. For Murr-Sloat, how he mitigates the damage from an outbreak depends on what stage the plant is in. If the plant is still in the vegetative state and hasn’t flowered, he’ll use hydrogen peroxide as a foliar spray. “If you’re in the vegetative state, you can definitely control it,” he said. Krytiuk of Nabis Holdings said he would try to mitigate a small out- break if the plants were getting close to harvest time. “If we just have to quarantine a couple of plants, then that’s what we’ll do,” he said. But he’s also seen whole rooms that were contaminated by a mold or mildew-infested HVAC facility. In that instance, growers will need to fog the entire room and HVAC system with miticide or fungicide spray. “You’re only cleaning half the space if all you’re doing is wiping down the walls and the tables,” Krytiuk said. Bart Schaneman covers cultivation and extraction for Marijuana Business Magazine. You can reach him at [email protected] . Mark Krytiuk is president of Nabis Holdings. Courtesy Photo Invest in intelligent design. Manufacturing production-scale process equipment for the hemp and cannabis industry. Extraction to 5,000+ lbs/day Solvent recovery to 1500+ liters/hr Hydrocarbon Extraction Ethanol Extraction CO 2 Extraction Bulk Winterization Bulk Dewaxing Degumming Wiped Film Distillation