Marijuana Business Magazine August 2019

August 2019 | 119 allow air to pass through as the odors bind to the carbon, trapping in the offensive smells. “The only way that you’re neutral- izing the odor of cannabis in the air is to send it through the carbon filter,” he said. For a greenhouse system, Kimmel said it’s too expensive to use a carbon-filtration system for the entire grow, and it also disrupts air flow. Instead, he uses a system that sprays a mix of water and orange peel oil into the air as it leaves the greenhouse. “It’s kind of like an air freshener,” he added. Todd Statzer, director of environmental sciences for Urban- Gro, based in Lafayette, Colorado, goes a step beyond carbon filters. He doesn’t like the ongoing maintenance that’s required to keep them clean, and he said carbon filters remove only odor. Statzer uses them as a supplement to another piece of equipment. His team uses a purification system called Element Air that’s mounted in the air ducts to help control microbials, including mold and mildew, as well as the outgoing cannabis aroma. “It’s really about treating that odor proactively and making sure that you have any port going out covered,” Statzer said. “Cannabis is much stronger smelling than almost any other odor known to man.” Statzer also uses a HEPA filter that traps particles and can be wall- mounted or part of an HVAC system. He calls the systems together “the trilogy of microbial and odor control.” For a 1,500-square-foot room, the cost of all the equipment is about $10,000. Cannabis has a strong odor, and finding a solution to control it—be it in an indoor facility, greenhouse, or outdoors—comes with significant challenges. When looking to tamp down the aroma emanating from your operation, consider that: • Utilizing a system that doesn’t have a negative impact on the quality of your products. • Carbon filters can be a low-tech option that won’t break the bank. • Your odor mitigation impacts the rest of your operation, i.e. your HVAC and temperature controls. • The quality of your building construction can be crucial to sealing in any unwanted smells. Cannabis Business Brokers Experts in all aspects of buying and selling marijuana businesses CA License #02064427 Tel Karen : 949-280-3092