Marijuana Business Magazine August 2019

August 2019 | 43 Canada’s craft beer industry aren’t guaranteed—nor are they foreseen— to be applied to the craft cannabis industry. It could be years—if ever— before Canadian craft cannabis cultivators could expect any kind of meaningful excise tax benefits to aid their businesses. At this point, they’d be happy with on-site sales. And then there’s on-site con­ sumption, which would obviously be beneficial for the bottom lines of craft cannabis businesses. I’m not here to tell you there won’t be a regulated craft cannabis. Enough analysis has been done to demonstrate that the federal government’s micro-cultivation and micro-production licensees will thrive once they’re up and running. Entrepreneurs—both in illicit and regulated markets—always find a way. But it sure would be nice if they had the same tax breaks offered to craft beer makers, could sell their products on their premises and had consumption spaces—luxuries already underpinning the economics of the country’s microbreweries. Matt Lamers is the international editor for Marijuana Business Daily . You can reach him at [email protected] Under the current system, large corporate cannabis companies face the same tax structure as small cultivators. Photo by Aurora Cannabis ► MEDICAL QUALITY TESTING ► CONSISTENT, RELIABLE, ACCURATE RESULTS ► RESULTS IN 1-5 DAYS ► COMPETITIVE RATES ACCREDITEDLABORATORY Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Tested Safe Largest Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Testing Laboratory in the Southeastern USA. ► 17,500 SQUARE FOOT STATE OF THE ART FACILITY ► 14 EMERALD AWARDS FOR SPRING 2019. MOST AWARDS IN EASTERN USA TAMPA, FL 33573 • 813.634.4529 • ACSLABCANNABIS.COM