Marijuana Business Magazine August 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | August 2019 62 As marijuana cultivators work to define “craft cannabis,” makers of infused products are trying to do the same—and explain to consumers why (in some cases) they should be willing to pay more for such items. What defines cannabis-infused craft products depends on whom you ask. For some, it means using sun-grown cannabis for extracted oils or tapping local purveyors of herbs and fruit for ingredients. For others, it means finding producers of rare cacao in indigenous villages or producing only vegan products that are free of common allergens. For nearly all, it means “creativity and quality,” said Carrie Solomon, the CEO and founder of Leif Goods, a Portland, Oregon-based manufacturer of cannabis-infused chocolate bars, candy and topicals. “Craft means attention to every detail,” she added. Craft Cannabis | Infused Infusing Craft Methods Three edibles makers rely on high-quality ingredients, fair-trade farmers and local suppliers to create craft infused products By Joey Peña Binske uses hydrocarbon extraction to create infused products such as this Pate de Fruit. Courtesy Photo Garden Society uses local suppliers of chocolate and fruit for its infused products. Courtesy Photo