Marijuana Business Magazine October 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | October 2019 128 – Mark Elfenbein Chief revenue officer for Woodburn, Oregon-based hemp-extract processor Socati Corp., on how to get your hemp CBD products on store shelves. If you could be lower priced, you could extend the option for different economic income (levels becoming customers at) drugstore chains, as an example, where people aren’t walking in with $60 for a bottle, but maybe they have $25 or $20. We’ve seen other brands focusing on formulating other types of products along with CBD to help address other types of use that are in demand. Source: Hemp Industry Daily The bottom line is that you want the industry to be clean. That was the rationalization for legalizing. You want it out in the open from the shadows of the black market. – Donna More Partner in Fox Rothschild’s Chicago law office, on why the FBI’s August announcement that it’s looking into potential corruption in the marijuana industry shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a negative development. Source: Marijuana Business Daily – Narbé Alexandrian CEO of Toronto-based venture capital firm Canopy Rivers, on the biggest trend he’s seeing in the cannabis industry. Notable Quotes | Insightful Industry Observations Source: Marijuana Business Daily There’s a move away from vertical integration into specialization, or horizontal integration. Right now, you look at the industry, and whether it’s a U.S. (multistate operator) or a Canadian (licensed producer), they are forced to be vertically integrated by regulations. What we’re seeing is companies picking and choosing their specialty, one to three things that they do best, and outsourcing the rest of the inputs and outputs. Right now, you see companies that are trying to be farmers and pharmaceutical formulators at the same time, and that’s a really difficult thing to do, and you’re spreading yourself too thin by doing that.