Marijuana Business Magazine January 2020

Marijuana Business Magazine | January 2019 96 E quipment is one of the costliest purchases a cannabis extraction company can make, with some machines fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many extraction-equipment suppliers promise high efficiency, easy maintenance and quick throughput with a low price tag, so finding a manufacturer that will meet your needs requires adequate vetting. When preparing to purchase new extraction processing equipment for a facility, be sure to consider: • The type of product that’s needed. • How simple it will be to scale up the operation with the new equipment. • The level of customer support offered by the supplier, including how quickly parts can be replaced. • How well-regarded the supplier is within the industry. • How much maintenance the system will need. “Start with the end goal,” said Tyler Robson, CEO of Valens GroWorks, a Kelowna, British Columbia-based cannabis extraction and testing company. “Depending on the type of refined product you want, tailor an extraction process to get there, whether it’s CO 2 , ethyl alcohol (ethanol) or hydrocarbon.” Gearing Up When buying new extraction equipment, anticipate scaling up, look at reputation and seek out great customer service Best Practices In Extraction | Bart Schaneman Cannabis extraction machines can vary widely in quality and capability. Thoroughly vet a new supplier before forking over any cash. Photo Courtesy of Spherex