Marijuana Business Magazine February 2020

Marijuana Business Magazine | February 2020 12 that very successfully in the past when dealing with issues they couldn’t fully resolve. Then (define a) time frame for what type of information they want. When we’re talking about things like pain relief or calming or relaxation, we’re not looking at a very long curve. We’re not trying to cure something. I would hope that that’s something that could be done expeditiously. (The FDA) allows pharmaceutical companies to do their own pharmaceutical testing and submit it, and they rely on it for approvals because they have trust. We’re an emerging industry, so they may be a little reticent to put as much trust in emerging companies as they would in longstanding, venerable, global pharma- ceutical companies. We just have to continue to be vocal and use normal methodologies of working with the FDA to be as sup- portive as we can. I think part of the reason they’ve spoken out is that some companies have made claims, and when that hap- pens, they push back. That may be part of what caused (the FDA) to take such a strong point. Are consumers beginning to grasp the concept of CBD and what it does, or are there still awareness issues? From the way the cannabis industry grew up in the medical industry, a lot of people first learned about CBD from the medical side. People who are suffering from cancer may use cannabis to alleviate pain. They may never have really used cannabis before, so that may be a point of introduction. I think there are inflection points when people are looking for solutions. For a lot of these types of products, it’s the need that drives the search, the search drives the trial, and then word of mouth. There are a lot of influencers out there and there’s a lot of talk about it. I think there is some confusion because not all CBD is alike; some products may work better than others. That’s why we hope that this settles down with the FDA, because then consumers will be able to benchmark. But the awareness is growing. It’s growing holistically. It’s growing because people are always looking for new solutions, and a lot of consumers I’ve spoken to would Five Questions | with Ellen Deutsch Use the planets strongest oxidizer to treat the water and air in and around your indoor grow facility. Disinfect surfaces, equipment, control pathogens, treat incoming and outgoingwater, control odors, and recyclewater for reuse. CONTROL MOLD, ODOR & PATHOGENS WITH OZONE DISINFECTION SOLUTIONS • CONTROL MOLD and ODORS • ELIMINATE PATHOGENS • REDUCE ENERGY COSTS • REDUCE CHEMICALS • PRODUCED ON SITE • BOD/COD REDUCTION • SMALL FOOTPRINT CIP Panel-Mount C1 Mobile Cart SMART, SUSTAINABLE WATER & AIR TREATMENT Pentair - ClearWater Tech Ozone Systems for Water & Air Purification 800.262.0203 | 805.549.9724 | | PRODUCE HEALTHIER PLANTS SAFELY & EFFICIENTLYWITH ENERGY EFFICIENT OZONE WATER TECHNOLOGY - SINCE 1986 CLEARWATER TECH Call our Sales Team today for details. Wall-Mount, Panel-Mount and Mobile Systems Available Wall-Mount, Panel-Mount, and Mobile Systems Available