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Marijuana Business Magazine March 2020

Marijuana Business Magazine | March 2020 66 A s the cannabis industry matures, many businesses are trying to project a more sophisticated image. Rebranding is one way companies can present a more professional impression. The decision to rebrand via a name change is often the result of an initial public offering, as in the case of Akerna, or the acquisition of multiple dispensaries, such as Cresco Labs’ decision to create a more unified image under the Sunnyside brand. Other reasons a company might rebrand include launching new and different services, a shifting competitive landscape or the desire to align with the marijuana industry’s growing professionalism, said Bill Winchester, founder and creative director of Minneapolis brand-creation agency Think+Make. While it’s sometimes difficult to come up with a name that’s not already taken, there are some measures a company can take when trying to choose a name. Winchester suggested the following: • Make sure the name represents the feeling of your brand position. If you’re serious, it should sound serious. If you’re trying to be a fun company image, it needs to have a fun name. By Margaret Jackson & Marketing Art of The Branding What’s Name? Cannabis companies are changing their names to improve their images in a Cresco Labs opted to change the names of its newly acquired marijuana retail companies to Sunnyside. Courtesy Photo