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Marijuana Business Magazine March 2020

Marijuana Business Magazine | March 2020 84 A s marijuana legalization spreads across the United States, retailers experience a range of logistical issues on their first day of sales—particularly in markets with newly legal cannabis sales for recreational use. That trend was on full display on New Year’s Day in Illinois, which had a booming start to its adult- use market with lines that stretched hundreds of people long around city blocks. Vendors did everything they could to make as many customers as happy as possible. But inevitably, issues arise—especially in the first hectic days, when retailers are often swamped with excited customers eager to learn about newly legal products. Marijuana Business Magazine picked the brains of executives from five Illinois cannabis retailers to get tips on how shop owners in new markets can make their opening days as hiccup-free as possible. Since marijuana sales have started in a staggered fashion across the country, veteran retailers have come to expect certain hiccups on opening day. Executives in Illinois, the most recent market to launch adult-use marijuana sales, offer these tips on how to make the first day of sales go smoothly: • If your state requires budtenders to be badged, start that process early. It can take weeks before employees are legally able to work in your store. • Expect that excited consumers will start lining up early—in some cases, the night before. Have a plan in place to make the experience as pleasant for them as possible, whether that means handing out coffee or having a food truck stop by. • Make sure your product menu matches what is available to avoid frustrated clientele. • Buy as much wholesale product as possible. Retailers often sell out of popular items—especially premium flower—during the first week of sales.