Marijuana Business Magazine May-June 2020

Marijuana Business Magazine | May-June 2020 112 QuestionoftheMonth | Working from Home How did you make your home office a productive workspace? E ach month we survey a group of cannabis executives and ask them an industry question. We welcome your suggestions for topics. Email us at [email protected] . Since COVID-19 is forcing many people to work from home, we asked executives how they made their home offices into productive workspaces. By Omar Sacirbey My home does not have a formal office or an extra room for me to convert. With a wife and two teenagers at home now, it became apparent quickly that I would have to find a space to work outside the house in order to maintain productivity. Thus began the rapid conversion of a garden shed into an office space. Formerly used to start seeds, the space was already equipped with heating and cooling, so that helped immensely. I added an office chair and a Google Nest to improve the Wi-Fi and now have a very comfortable space to escape household distractions. I’ll admit, I still look forward to being able to return to my formal office, but until that time, I’m quite content and doing my part to social distance. Wes Burk President, Emerald Scientific, San Luis Obispo, California We are lucky to be back in our family home after a year of construction. I am but one of millions of people learning that sequestration with children is both a blessing and a curse all wrapped up in one. Productivity in my home is measured in minutes. Between e-learning, conference calls and mealtime, maybe there’s a minute for some work. What do I keep at my desk? Oh … nothing. Jeremy Unruh Senior Vice President, Public and Regulatory Affairs, PharmaCann, Chicago I’ve been working out of my home office for years. But since the coronavirus hit, I am now sharing the space with my husband, who also works full time in the cannabis industry. Since social distancing is a very important thing we should all be practicing, all our daily meetings are now phone calls. This can cause great frustration in who gets to talk when—and even more so, who’s holding the baby during what conference calls. We’ve set up space in our bedroom—and, on nice days, in our backyard—which allows us to separate during calls or when the baby is having a moment (he’s 5 months old and figuring out his vocal cords). Having two workable spaces is absolutely essential to our workflow right now. Some things that keep our home office pleasant are an essential-oil diffuser, a good tea kettle, our beloved Nespresso machine and a stack of Fruit Slabs to nibble on throughout the day. Roxanne Dennant CEO and Co-founder, Fruit Slabs, Oakland, California