Marijuana Business Magazine May-June 2020

Marijuana Business Magazine | May-June 2020 120 NotableQuotes | Insightful Industry Observations – Andrew DeAngelo Co-founder of Oakland, California-based Harborside, which endured the Great Recession, on the marijuana sector being well-positioned to ride out an economic downturn. Source: Marijuana Business Daily Whenever there’s a recession, whenever there’s a war, whenever there’s a natural disaster, people need and want more cannabis—not less cannabis. For a certain percentage of the population, weed is just as important as food and toilet paper. The United States market is going to be further hindered as it is surrounded on both sides by countries that can produce legal cannabis on a large-scale basis and can export that cannabis to other countries that have legalized it, too. – Lisa Pittman Longtime cannabis attorney at Texas-based Coats Rose law firm, on the consequences of Mexico likely joining Canada as a North American country with legalized cannabis. Source: Hemp Industry Daily Even in the early days … there was very little concern of actual quality, products, output. It was press releases to impress the (stock) market. As a company, your job is to create a good product and sell it to a consumer. But that wasn’t what the industry was built around. It was built around stock promotion. We’re growing up, and we need to have real business leaders and move beyond the entrepreneurs. Source: Marijuana Business Daily International – Jeannette VanderMarel Canadian marijuana industry veteran and former CEO, on mistakes made by early entrants into Canada’s cannabis space.