Hemp Industry Magazine Fall 2019

www.biocellanalytics.net Visit our webpage to learn more Our data shows that terpenes added to CBD can increase or decrease inflammatory effects. Using our living system we can create designer CBD products. We have data showing that high levels of ECM enzymes produced by cancer cells can be decreased with CBD/terpenes. Designer CBD products the future of cbd products Inflammation Human Cells CBD/terpenes Principals Anthony R. Torres, M.D. Medical Researcher Dr. Virgil Caldwell, Cellular Toxicologist Dr. Shayne Morris, Lipid Biochemist Mark Zobrist, Attorney B i o C e l l Ana ly t i c s We have several decades of cumulative experience in the cell biology/toxicology field studying the effects of chemicals/nutraceuticals on living human cells. A new Utah company with a cell biology/cannabis laboratory in Colorado was established to create designer CBD products. Cell testing is replacing animal testing. We specialize in non-GMO products. The cellular production of inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines can be measured with great precision in cells treated with CBD/terpenes. CBD/Terpenes can decrease genetic markers of inflammation.