Hemp Industry Magazine Fall 2019

14 HEMP INDUSTRY MAGAZINE • FALL 2019 W hat’s on the minds of hemp entrepreneurs? We asked a cross-section of industry leaders to weigh in on a topic facing this new market. For this inaugural query, we wanted to know: Jennifer Babaian, CEO, 7 Leaf Clover, Brooklyn, New York As a retailer, I would find it beneficial for universities to do more research into the health benefits of the other cannabinoids and terpenes. The discussion on the shop floor right now—at least on the East Coast—is predicated entirely around quantity of CBD without any attention to the nuances that truly affect the amelioration of any health concern, including the unique combination of different cannabinoids/terpenes. The No. 1 issue where universities can help is developing clear testing standards and samples. Multiple labs give you multiple results because there are no agreed-upon industry standards for the testing machines and personnel. This is clearly a limiting issue for the hemp industry. Susan Davis, cultivation manager, Bluhen Botanicals, Knoxville, Tennessee More people are growing indoors to focus on quality and growing year-round. But pests come in with the plants, so more research needs to be done on pest management for indoor grows; you can’t just use the same pesticides as outdoor grows. Tariq Farid, founder, Incredible Edibles, Wallingford, Connecticut Universities should prioritize larger studies of cellular research on how low-dosageTHC (within federal guidelines of below 0.3%) combined with hemp CBD is really working to begin demystifying how the human body regulates these beneficial components. The resulting peer-reviewed findings would lead to a much deeper consumer understanding, delivering the wellness transparency our industry needs. Floyd Landis, founder, Floyd’s of Leadville, Leadville, Colorado It would be great to see university efforts focused on providing a wide range of information on cultivation specific to regional growers. Joy Beckerman, principal, Hemp Ace International, Kingston, New York What should we ask next? Send your suggestions to [email protected] . Studying the bioaccumulation of THC in pets, livestock and horses being fed hemp grain, hempseed oil and hemp extracts is imperative to achieve approval of hemp ingredients for feed through the Food Additive Petition process with the FDA. These approvals will improve animal health and increase hemp agricultural markets. HEMPINIONS What area of the hemp industry would you like to see universities prioritize as they start researching hemp? Bob Crumley, CEO, Founder’s Hemp, Asheboro, North Carolina