Hemp Industry Magazine Fall 2019

4 HEMP INDUSTRY MAGAZINE • FALL 2019 Welcome to Hemp Industry Magazine! Letter from the Editor T he hemp industry is changing at lightning speed. But that doesn’t mean there’s no value in slowing down to consider where the industry is headed. Welcome to Hemp Industry Magazine, a business-news publication from the publishers of Marijuana Business Magazine.The hemp and marijuana industries face a lot of the same challenges, and you can still look forward to in-depth hemp business advice in the pages of MBM. But the hemp industry is full of distinct business opportunities and challenges, too. Hemp Industry Magazine gives cannabis entrepreneurs more in-depth coverage and business analysis that speaks directly to the hemp side of the larger industry. In this inaugural issue, we’re pleased to present one of those distinct business opportunities: legally protecting your plants. Intellectual property is a hot topic in the wider cannabis industry, and marijuana innovators have long found workarounds for protecting their products. But when it comes to owning plant genetics, marijuana entrepreneurs have limited options to ensure their work is protected. Anyone who’s ever developed an innovative marijuana strain, only to see knockoffs and copycats flood the market, knows how frustrating it can be to try to protect innovative cannabis genetics. Hemp is a different story. Because the low-THC variety of cannabis is now legal, federal agriculture authorities consider hemp varieties worthy of protection, as with any other commercial crop.That’s a seismic change for cannabis producers, who are finding new opportunities to capitalize on genetic innovations with hemp—but also finding a new set of challenges the marijuana industry doesn’t share. That’s just one example of the hemp insights and business analysis you can expect from Hemp Industry Magazine.You’ll also find expert advice and exclusive market data available nowhere else. Of course, the hemp industry shows no signs of slowing down. So you can be sure that HempIndustryDaily.com will be your continued go-to site for breaking news and industry advancements that are driving this fast-changing sector. Future issues of this magazine, which will appear quarterly and be presented in a digital format, will give your hemp business the deeper insights necessary to thrive in a whirlwind of change. I hope you’re looking forward to the change of pace as much as I am! Kristen Nichols Editor, Hemp Industry Magazine Co-founder and CEO Cassandra Farrington President Chris Walsh Editor in Chief Howard Burns Hemp Editor Kristen Nichols Managing Editor Roger FIllion Magazine Editor Kate Lavin Senior Editor Kevin Huhn Staff Wrtiers Laura Drotleff Omar Sacribey Data & Charts Maggie Cowee Art Direction Christa Madrid Illustrator Steve Sanford VP of Sales Mary Pemberton Sales Team David Braswell Savannah Brown Rachel Grundner Molly McElwain Brooke Moore Tabitha Pazzali Alex Sutliff Angela Toney Customer Service [email protected] mjbizdaily.com (720) 213-5992, ext. 1 Co-founder Anne Holland HempIndustryDaily.com Copyright 2019 by Hemp Industry Daily, a division of Anne Holland Ventures lnc. All rights reserved. Materials may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission. For reprints of any article, please contact Customer Service. 3900 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Suite 100, Denver, CO 80235 [email protected] (720) 213-5992, ext. 1 • mjbizdaily.com ON OUR COVER: Wendy Mosher, CEO of NewWest Genetics, has applied for Plant Variety Protection to protect her proprietary seed varieties. Photo by Matthew Staver Magazine PROTECTINGYOURWORK FALL2019 INTRODUCINGHEMP INDUSTRYMAGAZINE HEMPINIONS University Research HEMP FACTS& FIGURES Hempplantbreeders can safeguard theirgeneticswithnew intellectual-propertyoptions WHAT’SNEW IN Harvest Technology